7 Easiest Ways to Earn Money Online by Typing Pages from Home

earn money online by typing pages

7 Easiest Ways to Earn Money Online by Typing Pages from Home

If you want to earn money online and not know how to do that, so in this post, I will discuss all the easiest ways to earn money online by typing pages from your comfortable home.

The Internet is a content-based platform; there are four types of content available, text, videos, audios, and images. And the text content is the maximum volume on the Internet.

Website owners, blog owners, social media users, product or service creators, etc., they need text content all the time. And the article writers provide the articles for those platform owners.

There is a massive demand for article writers, and if you have typing skills, then you can earn money online by typing pages and documents.

Students, homemakers, retired individuals, and everyone can work as an article writer as part time job. So many other article writers earn thousands of dollars monthly by typing pages.

You may also make a resume for students and get paid for the pages that you have typed.

Some basic requirements of a good writer

  • Good command of the language
  • Excellent typing speed
  • Able to the research topic
  • No grammar error
  • Easy to convey your point to the reader

Now let’s go to the

7 Ways to earn money online by typing pages

1. Article Writing

Article writing or article writing is an evergreen profession on the Internet. As a content writer, you’re not only writing content in English, but you can write articles in Hindi, Tamil, Panjabi, and many other languages around the world.

But, the English articles are the most demandable and highly paid content.

Mostly, website owners and small business owners need articles for their business, and they hire content writers.

As an article writer, you can earn $1000 or more per month as your experience and expertise in a specific topic.

There are so many ways to find article writing jobs online; you can search on Google or create your profile on different freelance websites like Fiverr, Freelancer, Upwork, and other freelance sites.

You can also create a free portfolio website on sites.google.com and listed your site-local Google search and promote it with your social media accounts.

2. Blog Post Writing

Blogging is the best option for making money passively. Every blog requires more blog posts to makes continuity for its readers.

But when the blog famous and significant, the blog owners are busy on different tasks, so they hire blog post writers to post content regularly on the blog.

What is the difference between the article and the blog post?

In the blog post, blog owner shares their experience, own point of view of a specific topic or niche, and suggestions with the blog readers. And the articles are detailed information on a particular topic or niche.

So, you can earn by typing pages for blogs; you must know about the topic or niche to deliver content to your client and earn an outstanding amount by typing.

After some experience, you can also start your blog and publish useful content with your readers and monetize it with Google AdSense and other ad networks.

With your blog, you can make thousands of dollars every month like Shoutmeloud.com owner makes, and be your own boss.

3. Product Reviews Writing

Product reviews are most helpful for affiliate marketers and product or service creators to promote a product or service to other needy persons online. A review described as a user of the product or service explains the pros and cons of others to help them to make a decision.

To write a useful review, you must have a convincing skill. And also write a genuine review. Because of a good and honest review increases, your trust value of the readers, and you gain many more jobs and earn money.

Review content writers earn $300 to $1500 per month by the paid reviews offers by companies.

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4. Translation Work

Translation jobs are much easier than other typing pages jobs. If you know two or three languages with English, you can make huge money online.

Mostly, online content is in the English language, and the massive audience is not familiar with English content, that’s why website owners want to translate web content in other regional languages to exposure.

And the other side companies and other corporations need to translate their documents, and they post projects on freelancing job sites.

Find these types of jobs on these freelancing websites and create income online by typing pages.

You can take the help of Google to translate or Google docs to translate the document, and after that, you must proofread and resolve the error.

5. Transcription Work

What is a Transcription job?

Transcription is the process of converting audio in written text format. Mostly, these types of typing jobs provided by the medical and legal industry.

As a transcriptionist, you’ll get an audio file, and your job is to listen to the audio carefully and type in the text document.

Transcription is some difficult task, but you can practice yourself by listening (not watching) Hollywood movies and type the dialogue on your laptop. After some practice, you can sign up on TranscribeMe and do work on this site.

Experienced Transcriptionists are earned more than $1500 per month by typing pages.

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6. Product Description Writing

The eCommerce sector is growing rapidly. And every product has features and benefits to show its customers. With product description, a product owner convinces the customers why they purchase the product.

A good product description shows the product’s features and benefits of the products.

If you want to become a product description writer, you must focus on Buyer Persona and implement the skill to convert product features in benefits for buyers.

As a product description writer, you can earn $5 to $10 for only 100 words, $50 for 500 words.

7. Video Script Writing (Screenwriting)

It’s also fast growing and potentially huge income field. Now videos are everywhere, and all videos tell some story about product, service, or other cause.

And video creators want scripts to convey their message to the audience in a short and sweet way.

A scriptwriter or screenwriter creates a document with a focus on the targeted audience and tells the story in short words.

Mostly, Youtubers and marketers want scripts, and you can focus these two types of customers and create a service on Fiverr and earn money online by typing pages.

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So, I shared all 7 easiest ways to earn money by typing pages, I know there are more other ways to making money by typing jobs, but I focused on genuine ways and long term earning potential.

In these methods, you have only typing skills and the capability to research the topic of what you write, and you can set a systematic earning and become a success in your life.

I hope you like this post, and if you have any questions, please comment below or contact me.

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