20 Easiest and Genuine Ways to Earn Money from Home in India- High Earning Potential

Ways to Earn Money from Home in India

20 Easiest and Genuine Ways to Earn Money from Home in India- High Earning Potential

India has a massive population, and unemployment is the biggest problem for youngsters in India. Despite this, there are many opportunities to earn money by developing new skills and make your own path to success in a career.

In this post, I will share 20 legitimate and simplest ways to make money online at home in India. These ways are not quick or instant earning schemes, but these are the exact genuine ways to make money via the internet for your whole life.

Lots of students and youngsters want to be successful instantly and trapped by fraudsters and scammers. So don’t try to earn fast by using shortcuts.

The Internet has lots of genuine ideas to earn money by making ethical and straightforward efforts. You need to focus on only one way and try to mastering in. and if you have patience, you can earn lots of money passively from your own home.

Now let’s dive the-

Top 20 Ways to Make Money Online in Legitimate Manner

In this list, some ideas are job-based, and some create your small business, and both types require your dedication, and some extra effort.

Almost all options have the free and paid version to apply, it depends on you to choose what suited you most.

#1. Blogging

It’s the highly recommended way to earn money online by internet marketers, and it is.

Mostly blogging needs some investment, but you can start blogging without paying any money, because of blogger.com.

You can create your own blog on Blogger for free and publish your post on them. Once you publish some content on your blog and gain some readers, you can enable Adsense and earn money by showing ads on your post.

And suppose you were comfortable to invest some money. In that case, you can use WordPress to create a blog; here you can use thousands of different themes, plugins, and tools to quickly set up a fully optimized blog.

If you are interested and want to know how to set up a profitable blog on WordPress and start to earn money by blogging.

You can read this post; here, I explained every step in a simple way to how to start a blog on WordPress for almost free.

How to Start a Blog in India – Simple and Easy Guide for Beginners!

#2. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is also a genuine and ethical way to earn money from home and without much investment. Affiliate marketing is the most prominent method to earn money on the internet worldwide.

In India, it’s in a starting situation, and the scope of it is increasing rapidly. So, if you start learning and implement it, your internet marketing future could be bright.

If you don’t understand affiliate marketing, I explain it to you.

Affiliate marketing is a term where anyone can promote and sell other person’s or company’s product or service to the needy people and get a commission on that.

There are dozens of affiliate network websites where you can join for free and promote thousands of products and services by creating an affiliate link.

You need to promote your affiliate link on different online platforms as the recommended way. If anyone buys a product or service from your link, you will get a commission.

The best ways to promote your affiliate products or service are YouTube, your own blog, social media, Q&A websites, etc.

Here I listed some top affiliate network websites you can join for free by clicking on it.



CJ.com (Commission Junction)



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#3. Freelancing Work to Earn Money from Home in India

Freelancing is another excellent way to make huge money by learning a skill. Every person has a skill and because of a lack of awareness, most people facing unemployment.

If you know writing, drawing, translating, editing, proofreading, or any other skill, you can freelance your service online and earn in dollars. Only you need to visit freelance websites and find a service that you can also provide.

And if you have not found any service which you can provide by yourself, I must say learn anyone’s skill. You can learn free by watching YouTube videos or use Udemy courses by investing $10 on yourself. And I assure you; this small investment could change your life, and thought also.

I also want to say, before creating your profile on freelance websites, you need to analyze yourself. Make sure you have complete knowledge to take orders from businesses or entrepreneurs globally.

If you are not much confident, you can provide your service to the nearest small business or your relatives and friends and implement errors. Once you practice and sure about your service, you can create your profile on freelancing sites.

In the starting period, maybe you don’t get any orders, but at this time you need to optimize your profile and create social proofs. When you got your first order complete it within the time limit and as your client requirement.

These are some of the most popular freelance websites to get started-






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#4. Earn Money by Selling Photos Online

Do you know your camera enables smartphones can earn money for you? Yes, it is true; you can click the photo from your mobile phone and sell it online in dollars.

To do this, you don’t need to invest any money, and you can do this work in your relaxing time. Only you need to click amazing photos of anything and upload on some top image providing websites. When anyone buys your photo from the websites, the site shares your percentage with you.

Imagine, you upload thousands of photos within the 6 months or a year in different stock photo sites. Every minute anyone downloads your photo from the website you earn your share.

The demands of high-quality photos or images are incredibly enormous. All Bloggers, website owners, small businesses, internet marketers, affiliate marketers, eCommerce owners, and freelancers, etc., pay to buy these images.

When you upload the photos on sites, the minimum image size is 4mb. Try to upload high-resolution images that sell easily.

Top stock images sites-





#5. Domain Trading

Buy and resell domains could be the best income generation option for you. It’s a tricky way to earn money by investing money on domain names.

The concept is, you assume what business or person will become popular in the future, and find and buy a similar domain name for reselling at a higher price.

It’s not for all, to make money by domain reselling business you need to gain extra knowledge and experience.

Some tips you can consider-

  • Always buy (.com) extensions to earn high profits.
  • Try to buy a short domain name under 15 characters.
  • Buy expired domains from expireddomains.net.

The best way to getting success in the domain reselling business you need to always up-to-date with the latest news of businesses and famous persons around the world.

#6. Website Flipping or reselling

It’s not entirely similar to domain reselling business as it sounds. Website flipping or reselling is more beneficial for web developers or designers.

Suppose you have some knowledge of web designing and search engine optimization (SEO). In that case, you can choose this earning option to make a career online.

You can use flippa.com to buy and sell websites. To do this, you need to find low-cost websites which one you can optimize and renovate to increase its revenue potential.

And resell it for a higher price to business owners and bloggers on Flippa. When you are mastering this way, your income goes much higher.

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#7. Content Marketing

Content marketing is a vast method to create an extensive income. Content is everywhere on the internet. A content marketer creates content like images, videos, and text around a topic or product and shares on all possible online platforms.

Pinterest, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Reddit, are some of the best platforms for content marketing.

With content marketing, anyone can promote affiliate products, self-branding, own company promotion, own blog promotion, and much more.

In my opinion, this is the best idea to build any type of business or freelancing jobs and earn a huge and stable income.

#8. Stocks Trading

When we talk about stocks trading, high risk it involves! Besides this, it’s a highly profitable way of earning according to experts.

If anyone selects this highly-risky method to make money. In that case, a person needs to gain knowledge and some training or advice from reputed experts in this field.

Also, you need a Demat and trading account and a small capital to invest in. For a Demat account, you can contact your bank or any licensed stockbroker.

Some tips for stocks trading to remind, if you are a beginner-

  • Don’t use your entire investment in one stock; try to make a portfolio with different sector shares.
  • Discuss brokerage charges and extras with the broker before open the account.
  • Don’t invest in stocks when bull run or high trend, invest in a downtrend and wait.
  • Don’t invest when a media expert says, analyze yourself, and consult with your broker.
  • Invest in part, for example, if you got a share potentially grows and you want to invest Rs.100k, brake in three-part of your investment and invest one part initially. Invest second and third part if it’s going down or invest in other shares.
  • Up to date with the latest national and international business and political news because of its impact on the share market directly.
  • And last but not least don’t trade emotionally and always follow the rules.

If you follow these tips and implement in your stocks trading; you can earn significant money regularly, without losing your entire investment.

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#9. Become a Social Media Influencer

Influencer marketing is the most popular way to earn money nowadays. Influencers play a significant role to connect businesses with the audience.

Social media platforms are the best source to promote any business, product, and services directly to the real audience.

And brands approach social media influencers to recommend their products or services to their followers.

To become an Influencer marketer, you can create your social media account and upload videos, images, and quotes on regular basis to increase followers.

When you reach 5,000+ followers, you can promote products or services with your followers. Focus yourself on creating engaging content to increase 10,000 to 100,000 followers to make millions from one social media account.

You also need to focus on creating audiences around one topic like; health & fitness, delicious foods, entertainment, sports, etc.

A brand pays you around Rs.10 thousands to Rs.1lac to publish one single post on your Instagram or Facebook account according to your followers and topic.

Note: Now, most of the stable social media platforms limited the organic reach and insisted you to run ads, and it’s genuine.

So, beginners can invest some money if comfortable, or find new social media players and create an account on them.

#10. Translation Work

It could be the best earning idea for students or home women. Translation jobs and work are increasing because businesses now trade globally and want to approach customers in their languages.

As a result, they need many translators for each country and region.

So, if you have knowledge of a few foreign languages or anyone regional language you can become a translator.

There are multiple freelancing platforms where you can register yourself as a translator and serve your translation service to Indian and foreign companies or web owners.

#11. Uploads videos on YouTube

YouTube is not only a video sharing website, now it’s a complete package of internet marketing. Google’s property created millions of digital marketers or content creators who earn millions of dollars through YouTube.

YouTube provides a free platform where anyone can register with their Gmail id and upload videos by creating itself.

When uploads enough entertaining or educational videos and reach recommended subscriber and watch time, can enable Adsense and earn revenue for displaying ads in videos.

Not only this, anyone can promote their business or affiliate products with its audience and make thousands of dollars passively.

So, if you are comfortable in front of the camera and you have any skill or knowledge. You can create your personal channel on YouTube and upload videos on daily basis and make money from home.

#12. Dropshipping Business

Dropshipping business is a type of e-commerce business model. The difference between e-commerce and a dropshipping business model; with a dropshipping business, you don’t need to invest high capital as generally eCommerce business required for inventory.

Actually, in the dropshipping business, you only need an eCommerce website, which you can easily create in WordPress with the help of wooCommerce for free.

And you need to buy one powerful dropshipping plugin like; ‘alidropship’ and you will capable to add thousands of products to your dropshipping website.

When you get an order from your website you don’t need to pack and ship items from you, you need to place the same order to your supplier and they ship product to your customer in around the world.

If you confuse about what is the benefit of you, to do this. Simple, you sell products to customers at a higher price compared to you pay your supplier.

Normally, you can sell products on 3x to 5x or more compared to purchasing price from sellers.

#13. Ecommerce Business

As I said above, the eCommerce business requires some medium-size investment. But in India, it has huge potential. This business requires lots of research and planning to execute.

Lots of marketers successfully, doing this business for a long time. You don’t need to look at Amazon and Flipkart the giants of the eCommerce sector. Because, if you think to compete with these biggest eCommerce players, you can’t get any success.

You need to focus on one specific niche or problem-solving product and analyze the buyer persona of the product.

Create your e-commerce website on WordPress with wooCommerce and upload product images and description and add a payment gateway. You can use PayPal, Paytm, or any other payment gateway which one easily integrates with the wooCommerce website.

For getting success in eCommerce entrepreneurs to need to set up a complete process correctly, for example; fund management, finding a good supplier, setup shipping partner, backend support and optimized ads, etc.

With some accurate knowledge, you can start an e-commerce business with an approx minimum of Rs.1lac. Ecommerce business gives you the opportunity to scale your business as you want. Its earning potential is huge anyone can earn 1.5lacs to 30lacs or more per month easily.

#14. Amazon

As we know, Amazon is the biggest eCommerce player worldwide. Buyers trust Amazon for shopping and buy almost everything for itself and their loved ones.

You can use this amazing online shopping platform to create your business and make money from home in India or abroad. For India, you can visit the Amazon.in website, and here you can find earning opportunities for yourself.

On Amazon, you can work as an affiliate and promote products through your website or social media platforms and earn commissions.

And the second most beneficial way you can sell products as a registered seller on Amazon.

This could be a better option for shop owners and small business owners who are not comfortable to make a website and running ads on different online platforms.

To do this you only maintain your inventory of stock and upload your product details on Amazon. Rest everything handles Amazon and promotes your product with its massive loyal customer base. When anyone buys your product from Amazon, you only need to pack and ship products through a shipping partner.

Your payment credited to your bank account directly after getting Amazon charges.

#15. Micro Works

Micro works are basically small tasks done by different peoples to complete a project. On the internet, you can find some websites where you can join as Microworker and earn money by doing small activities.

With this type of work, you can’t make huge money to serve your family. But it could be a better option for beginning to online earning. On these websites, you will learn different types of working systems on the internet and also make some instant money.

As a beginner, you can register yourself on these websites for free and complete different tasks on them.

Some of the best micro jobs sites-


Crowdsource.com (OneSpace)



#16. Content/Article Writing

If you are interested in writing work you have a great future. Content writing is the highest paying profession online. Different blog owners, website owners, and online business want many articles to post on their websites.

On average, an article writer can charge $10 to $100 or more for one article. So if you have a good command of English and the capability to research any topic on the internet you can become an excellent content or article writer.

Some tips from my side as my experience for beginners-

  • If you want to become a writer you need to enhance your reading capability.
  • At the starting period, write in your personal blog, or friend’s blog and website.
  • Learn to research a topic on google in a professional manner.
  • Improve your grammar and writing techniques to easy to understand the general audience.
  • Select one topic and try to gain complete knowledge around the topic to become a higher paid writer in a specific niche.

For example; if you interested to write on eCommerce or web hosting topics, you need to understand every technical and professional term around the topic or niche for high-quality article writing.

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#17. Online Teaching/Tuitions

Online teaching or tuitions are now the most popular and efficient way to earn money from your comfortable home.

Students, home-makers, retired persons, and on-job persons can easily make an extra income in this reputed way.

In India, you have a great opportunity to share your knowledge and skill online with thousands of students or seekers and in return make wealth for your family.

You can teach anything as your expertise like; educational subjects as Maths, Science, English, etc, or any technical and professional courses.

There are two basic methods of online teaching, one is to create your course videos and upload them on online educational websites like Udemy.

And the second method, you can join online education tuition sites or apps like Vedantu and take tuitions of any subject like Science, Maths, etc.

By online teaching, a person can earn thousands of rupees per month in India. And with Udemy courses you can earn millions of dollars, depending on course popularity.

#18. Consultation Service

If you have expertise in any domain you can start your consulting service from your home. You don’t need an office and visit your client personally.

Because of the Internet, you can consult any client around the world. Of course, this field is not for everyone! But if you are confident in any topic and capable to give advice, you can do it.

To do this, you must have any degree or proof of achievement, so people can trust you.

For example; you are a blogger and your blog ranks on google so lots of newcomers want to learn your strategy for blogging.

Then you can charge a reasonable amount to disclose your techniques and strategies to the client personally.

Lots of popular bloggers, Youtubers, Digital Marketers, and Affiliate Marketers provide this service and charge from $300 to $1000 or more for a 1-hour consultation.

#19. Web Designing/Developing

I listed web designing on this list because of its high demand. As you know, in the present day all businesses and service providers shift to online.

And they need websites to represent their products and services to the customers on the internet. Business owners ready to pay a high amount to create and design a highly optimized website.

A web designer/developer is capable to design a user friendly and highly optimized website for the customers.

You can easily learn this skill from Udemy or from your nearest institute and set up your web designing business by staying at the home.

If you want to become a web designer or developer read this post-

How to Become a Professional Web Designer | Web Designing Course Details

#20. Virtual Assistance

It is another excellent home-based work for students, women, girls, and retired persons in India.

Lots of entrepreneurs and business owners required back-end support persons, who can work remotely. That means you don’t need to leave your home to make money.

As an office assistant, a virtual assistant can receive and making calls, manage social media accounts, scheduling appointments, responding to emails, and many other things for the client on the internet.

Here I mention you, you don’t need to master every skill of getting a virtual assistant job.

You can choose one skill according to your capability like you have a good command of American accent you can play the role of customer care for many USA based client from India.


In India, lots of genuine ways available to earn money from home, only you need to focus on one way and give your 100% effort on that.

It’s essential to protect yourself to attract fake and instant money-making offers. Before start, any work to earn money, spend your much time to explore the potential of work and your capabilities of patience and learning.

I also suggest you, if you are not comfortable investing in any business idea, invest your time and bit of amount to learn one skill and practice more and more until you get expertise in that.

Now, you can choose one way from the above list and implement your knowledge, because your first step is necessary to getting success in the future.

And if you need any assistance or have any queries, don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box below.

I will try to resolve your query as soon as possible, and if you got this post is helpful don’t forget to share with your friends.

Thanks for reading!!

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