How to Check Vodafone Balance: Vodafone Balance check and Latest Offers USSD Codes!

Vodafone balance check

How to Check Vodafone Balance: Vodafone Balance check and Latest Offers USSD Codes!

Vodafone Balance Check – Vodafone is a global company providing prepaid/ postpaid telecommunication services, internet services and incredible sim and data services to all its customers.

If you’re using Vodafone SIM, you must need to know how to check Vodafone main and net balance & deals to get best-budgeted plans and recharges.

It’s one of the most secure networks where you can experience a fastest data transfer rates. Also, one of Vodafone’s advantages is that you can make use of Turbo Net 4G. To see how to check Vodafone’s deals and Vodafone balance check info, continue reading.

Although all telecom service providers have a mobile application and web portal to find information on customer’s queries, But most of the time, you need a quick way to resolve your queries.

That’s why USSD codes are much popular and convenient solution. So, here I will show you all ussd codes of Vodafone services, which you can use to find any answers in Vodafone.

So let’s check,

How to Check Vodafone Balance?

To check Vodafone’s main balance, you need to dial *141# USSD code from your Vodafone mobile number, and within seconds you will receive a sms from Vodafone with your account balance details.


You can also dial *111# and Vodafone will send your account balance information by sms.

How do I check Vodafone Offers?

You will check different deals and services using the My Vodafone app. There are various forms in which you can make use of Vodafone’s current deals either via their online store or through the app.

You can also read this comprehensive guide to know about Airtel USSD Codes to check Airtel balance and validity:

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You will check all the deals on the My Vodafone app and use the latest services available on the app. You can use the different methods provided by Vodafone to verify your number. You will learn how to check Vodafone’s validity, how to check Vodafone’s 4g net balance and validity, and many more.

How do I check Vodafone deals using the My Vodafone app?

To know how to verify Vodafone’s data balance, you need to download the My Vodafone app and get a response on how to check the validity of Vodafone for your mobile number.

Download the My Vodafone app, please. Login or register your number in your app. Tap on your username. You will see a range of choices, including the balance of accounts, balance of records, and other exclusive deals.

Benefits of using My Vodafone App

The app provides a solution for all Vodafone services. It makes you quickly make fast mobile recharges and online postpaid bill payments. You get the chance to pick from a wide variety of prepaid plans, including unlimited call plans, unlimited data plans, talk time packs, ISD packs, and many more features.

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The app lets you receive some incredible cashback offers for your recharges and other features. There is also an opportunity to switch from one postpaid service to another, like a REDX limited edition plan.

You can pick your preferred caller tunes from the available list. If you are faced with any problems relating to your Vodafone number, you can file questions or grievances on the app to find a solution.

What are the typical applications of the USSD Vodafone Codes?

USSD Codes are exclusive codes that are suitable for enquiring about valuable details of your registered Vodafone SIM. You will figure out how to verify Vodafone number deals, get Vodafone special offers, and other things like Mobile Number and Validity Vodafone Main Balance.

Check Vodafone 4G/3G/2G Data Balance Check Local, STD & Roaming Minutes Available Special data packs with validity.

How do I check Vodafone Deals using USSD codes?

With the USSD codes listed below, you can check your Vodafone mobile number for the latest deals. You will also get details about how to verify the balance of SMS Vodafone. With the Vodafone deals search number; you will become more knowledgeable of Vodafone offerings.

You can use the following USSD codes to figure out how to find the Vodafone details for your number.

  • Vodafone Talktime Balance and Validity Testing Code *141# OR *111# OR *199*2#
  • Vodafone Last Recharge & Data Pack Offer Check Code *121#
  • Vodafone 3G/4G Internet Data Balance and Validity Verification Code *111*2*2# OR *199*2#
  • Vodafone Mobile Number Checking Code *111#
  • Vodafone All Balance and Validity Verification Code *111*2*1# OR *199*1#
  • Vodafone Last 3 Calls & SMS info Please check the code *111*2*3# OR *199*3#
  • Vodafone Limitless Recharge Kit Checking Code *111*5*2#
  • Vodafone Combo Recharge Pack Checking Code *111*5*3#
  • USSD Vodafone VAS Service Trigger Code *111*3*1#
  • USSD De-Activate Vodafone VAS Service *111*3*2#
  • Last 3 VAS Deduction Data Check Coding *111*2*4# OR *199*4#
  • Vodafone Last 3 Reload Info Check the code *111*2*6# OR *199*6#
  • USSD Trigger or Alter Caller Tuning Song *111*3*3#
  • Update the email address of your Vodafone account *111*3*4#
  • Vodafone Balance Transmission Code *111*3*5# OR *131#
  • Vodafone Emergency Talktime Loan Credit Code *111*3*6#
  • Manage DND Service Activate/Deactivate *111*3*7#
  • Know Your Vodafone Number PUK Code *111*3*8#
  • Vodafone SMS Reload Bundle Check Code *111*5*4#
  • Vodafone Roaming Recharge Kit Checking Code *111*5*5#
  • Vodafone Data Reload Pack Check Code *111*5*6#
  • Trigger Vodafone Caller Tune Service *567# OR Call 56789
  • Vodafone 2G/3G/4G GPRS Settings Send “ALL” SMS to 144
  • Port Vodafone Mobile SMS Port to 1900
  • Vodafone Net Balance Check SMS Send SMS as “DATA BAL” to 144.
  • All Vodafone Number Best Deal Check *121*1# OR *111*1*1#
  • Vodafone 3G/4G Broadband Data Pack *111*2*2#
  • Vodafone Customer Service Dial 111
  • Vodafone Balance Transition code *131**#
  • Vodafone Free Night Minutes Balance of *111*4*2#
  • Vodafone Customer Service 198
  • Find the closest Vodafone Shop to *111*6*5#
  • Active Vodafone DND Service Send SMS “START” to 1909.
  • Deactivate Vodafone DND Service Give “STOP” SMS to 1909

How do I check the Vodafone Talktime Balance?

To see how to check your Vodafone exclusive deals, use the right USSD code for your Vodafone mobile number service. Even if you want to know how to check your own number using the USSD code, here is a full list for your convenience. It would help verify the talk time balance and move it to a different number by adding the following USSD codes.

  • Vodafone Talktime Chhota Cash Loan SMS Give SMS “Credit” to 144.
  • Vodafone 2G/3G/4G Broadband Data Loan from USSD Code *111*3*6# and proceed to ‘2’
  • Vodafone Talktime Chhota Credit Loan by USSD Code *111*3*6# and proceed to ‘1’
  • Vodafone 2G/3G/4G Internet Data Loan via SMS Send an SMS “ICREDIT”
  • Vodafone Balance Transfer USSD Code *111*3*5# and continue to “1”
  • Vodafone Balance Transfer Code **131**#

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How do I check and get Vodafone Data Balance info?

Whatever form of mobile connection you have, be it 3G, 2G, or 4G, you can use the promo code for the respective package to verify the data’s validity on your Vodafone number. To know how to check the data on Vodafone, carefully use the USSD codes issued and use a particular data pack. You will also get updates about how to check your mobile phone number to use Vodafone data.

  • 2G Data Pack 69 *44*69#
  • 2G Data packet 28 *444*28#
  • 2G Data pack 37 *44*37#
  • 2G Data pack 127 *44*127#
  • 2G Data Pack 16 *44*16#
  • 2G Data pack 57 *44*57#
  • 2G Data pack 96 *44*96#
  • Check the balance of 4G data *125*1541#
  • Check the balance of 3G data *123*197# or *129*08#
  • Test the combination of 2G/3G. *111# (read instructions below) or *111*5#.
  • Main menu item *111#
  • Get SMS settings for GPRS ALL to 111
  • 3G Balance checks *111*5*2#
  • GPRS Night Balance *123*8#
  • Check Main Balance and Validity *141#
  • Review Free seconds and SMS balances *142#

How do I check Vodafone Deals as Prepaid User?

If you are a Vodafone Prepaid Customer, make sure you know all the codes you need to register for various Vodafone services and deals. By adding some necessary USSD codes, you can check the balance of your data or plan that is currently running on your Vodafone number.

  • Vodafone Last 3 Calls and SMS Code Check *111*3*1#
  • Vodafone The last 3 SMS scans the code *111*3*1*2#
  • Vodafone Great Products and Discounts Checking Code *111*1#
  • Vodafone Best Deal Check Code *111*1#
  • Vodafone My Delights Code Check *111*1*2
  • Vodafone Data Plan Checking Code *111*6#
  • Vodafone Trigger Latest 2G Mobile Internet MB Bundle Code Check *111*6*3#
  • Vodafone Trigger Latest 3G Mobile Internet MB Bundle Code Check *111*6*4#
  • Vodafone Download Internet Settings Checking Code *111*6*5#
  • Vodafone Last 3 Calls Check Version *111*3*1#
  • Vodafone Last 3 Practices Checking Version *111*3#
  • Vodafone Last 3 Charges Please check the code *111*3*2#
  • Vodafone Last 3 Reloads Check the version *111*3*3#
  • Vodafone Tariff Schedule Information Please check the code *111*4#
  • Vodafone My Contract Rate Check Code *111*4*1#
  • Vodafone Bonus/Promotional Balances Please check the code *111*4*2#
  • Vodafone Successful Plan – Authenticity Testing Code *111*4*3#
  • Vodafone VAS and Services Code Check *111*5#
  • Vodafone VAS Use this number to check the code *111*5*1#
  • Vodafone Successful Data Plans Access Code *111*6*1#
  • Vodafone Bonus Card Checking Code *111*7#
  • Vodafone Best Deal Checking Code *111*8#
  • Vodafone Pay/Recharge via Payback Check Code *111*9#
  • Vodafone 2G/3G Balance Check USSD Code Send SMS to 144 as DATA BAL
  • Vodafone Friends to dial you back to zero balance Click, insert 10-digit mobile no, and press the call button.
  • Vodafone Free Night Minutes Balance of *111*4*2#
  • Vodafone Local and STD call rate checks *111*4*2#
  • Vodafone Low Balance Resources Checking Code *111*10#
  • Vodafone Account Upgrade Checking Code *111*11#
  • Vodafone Alternative Number Information Testing Version *111*11*1#
  • Vodafone Other Info Access Code *111*12#

How do I check Vodafone Deals for Postpaid Users?

If you are a postpaid customer of Vodafone, you can use these codes to verify your current plan specifics or to enable some new plan for your number. Get to know the latest postpaid Vodafone deals and rewards you can use it.

  • Last three payment info SMS to 121
  • Vodafone 3g Activation of the SMS code “ACT” to 144
  • Vodafone Current Plan Information Please review *111*4#
  • Vodafone VAS Operation Checking Code *111*5#
  • Present Bill SMS Proposal BP to 121
  • Test Vodafone Plan Validity

If you want to know the validity of your Vodafone prepaid account and other specifics of your number, you can dial *111#. You’ll get a list of 10 choices. Pick the one you want to get specifics about your deals, balance and use, balance, languages, account management, digital data, and more. Vodafone Recharge codes the following are the USSD codes that you can use to make use of the unique deal listed against them.

Find out the recharge codes that you can use for your Vodafone number.

  • 3 Days GPRS 2G *121*14#
  • 7 Days GPRS kit *121*25#
  • 15 days of GPRS bundle *121*49#
  • One month pack of GPRS *121*98#
  • Vodafone Best fit deal *121#
  • Last Best Offer Check Code *121#
  • 8 GB 1 month 3G GPRS Vodafone Bundle *121*1251#
  • SIM Mobile Number Code Check *111# | *111*2#
  • Data Balance Management Code *111*2*2*1#
  • Vodafone 2G bundle for one day GPRS *444*44# (Rs.8/-) 30 MB
  • Vodafone 2G bundle for two days GPRS *44*17# (Rs.17/-) 70 MB
  • Vodafone 2G bundle for seven days GPRS *44*75# (Rs.75) 300 MB
  • Enable Vodafone Internet one day *44*5#
  • One day GPRS 2G kit *121*05#
  • Speak time credit number *111*3*6#
  • 5 GB 1 month 3G GPRS kit *121*851#
  • Test Vodafone’s free SMS balance *157#
  • Test the GPRS or internet balance *111*6*2#
  • Check Vodafone’s free minutes *156#
  • Checking the authenticity of Vodafone number *146#
  • Caller tone support *567#
  • Vodafone Daily SMS Balance Control Code *143#
  • Tele-Certification 59059

Best Vodafone Prepaid Recharge Deals With a range of options available, you will experience uninterrupted prepaid calls, SMS, and 4G/3G services. Vodafone provides you with top-of-the-line prepaid billing packages to ensure that you can access your phone call and cell data. All you need to do is enter your prepaid mobile number, check the available deals, and pick the one that fits your needs.

You can discover the new smartphone recharge offers online. You can make final transfers and transactions safely and conveniently. You get a chance to pay through different available online payment options, such as credit card, debit card, UPI, etc. You can browse the best deals from anywhere, pick the one that suits your needs, and experience the ability to connect to your near and dear ones.

If you want to port your Vodafone number to any other network provider, please send an SMS type in “PORT Mobile number” to 1900.

Vodafone Customer Service & Complaint Helpline Number: 199 or 198.

Activate Vodafone Pack from Main Balance: *444* Pack Sum #.

Data Activation/Deactivation: 1925

All These codes are working in the listed below states-

Assam Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Manipur, Goa, Gujarat, Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu & Kashmir, Jharkhand, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand, Up East, Up West, West Bengal, Karnataka, Kerala, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Mumbai, Bangalore, Chennai, Kolkata, Delhi NCR, Nagaland, Odisha (Orissa), Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Rajasthan, Sikkim, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Tripura.

Sum up

That is all about how to check Vodafone account balance and latest offers. USSD codes are prepaid callback services that have USSD-based information. You don’t need to go somewhere or contact Vodafone Customer Service to get any details about your mobile number. Any Vodafone customer commonly uses these USSD codes to know the prepaid number balance and get information.

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