10 Popular & Toughest Course in India!

top toughest course in india

10 Popular & Toughest Course in India!

Toughest Course in India: There are multiple courses around India, which are popular to be the toughest courses in India. These courses are famous for being the toughest because they require a lot of effort & hard work to get through the criteria and exams.

The competitiveness between professionals and students has provided a lot of importance to the challenging courses in India. The most motivated students never give up on such opportunities.

A range of courses in India requires more effort and dedication, making it harder for students to take the course. But it is the focus and motivation of every student that makes it easier for them to secure high grades while seeking the most challenging courses in India. Numerous science sub-subjects are deemed to be the toughest courses in India.

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In this post, I will tell you about the best 10 Best Toughest Courses in India. I hope you’ll end your query here after reading the post.     

1. MBBS Course to become a Doctor

Medical science examinations to become licensed medical doctors are generally accepted as challenging medical schools. The topic has 64 exams with +130 serial tests and +174 projects within 5.5 years. After completing it, one must also complete a 3-year specialization and again a 3-year super specialty. So, nearly 12 years without even any interruption, and that’s a long time.

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2. Computing science

Computer science requires a complex discipline to learn, but if you are inspired and have enough time to research the field, you will learn computer science. Computer science seems challenging because learning to program is daunting first, but we can quickly grasp it later.

It’s got some of the highest touch hours and the most complex tests. The topic requires a great deal of comprehension and patience and experience in using ideas properly.

Why it’s so hard?

Computer science seems to be a simple topic, but software, languages, applications, etc., makes it challenging to recall. That’s why it’s got a lot of sub-branches.

3. Finance

The course focuses on the analysis of investment and wealth management defined as Finance. It has been divided into three subcategories of public, business, and individual Finance.

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Primarily, we research Finance to discover efficient ways to handle its resources and the organization’s worth. It also involves planning, raising money, managing costs, and making wise investments to expand it.

Why it’s so hard?

The hard part is that most businesspersons are often not interested in mathematics and therefore do not become skilled in crucial life skills. Finance will have the most maths or even some coding courses. That’s why people say it’s complicated.

4. Philosophy

Philosophy teaches us many things like critical thought, close reading, concise writing, and rational analysis. It uses these things to explain the language we use to define the universe and our position.

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The philosophers discern different fields of philosophy. Philosophy is often challenging to understand since it often talks about a subject that cannot be related to a particular context to practical experience.

The explanation is that philosophy is just as scientific and full of terms as other sciences are and literally cannot minimize to some bite-sized inspiring lines.

5. Engineering

Engineering requires challenging disciplines because it includes more math and physics than most students would like to do. It’s so tricky because engineering programs prepare their students to join the workforce, and training them to solve anything is hard. It requires a great effort of study and perseverance.

Engineering students need to study equations, calculus, differential, and statistics that are so daunting, and aeronautics and electrical subjects require a few more advanced math classes than those like Software, Mechanical, Civil, and Petroleum. Engineering is complicated because there’s a lot of knowledge you need to learn and remember, and it takes hours to read and apply and keep it in your head.

6. Architecture

Architecture is one of the most challenging courses, so you need a graduate degree. That subject has 64 college exams with 40+ big projects + 174 assignments and within five years plus two years of professional experience. The individual should be so much a professional and that he has to learn to involve things in a particular way to be a decent manager.

It takes a great deal of maturity and persistence to learn management. Architecture, like architecture, has a very subjective dimension to it. Two people do not see the same piece of art or building in the same way. It makes educating architecture a little challenging because it’s harder to identify performance requirements as critically as we would like.

7. Journalism

Journalism is a tough course because students have to get up at 8 a.m. five days a week to master the dreaded skill of shorthand. As a result, we must honor these students for all of the reasons that journalism is the most challenging course to complete.

Since they don’t mind waking up at 8 a.m. with just two hours of sleep, journalism students think like hieroglyphics. Since the students must learn shorthand, this might not be a good mix after all. As a journalist, one must travel as much as possible, which is not financially feasible. Aside from that, students must retain all of the world’s knowledge. Journalism becomes even more complex as a result of this.

8. Pharmacy

Pharmacy covers almost all science Pharmacy students would need to study Pharmaceutical Artificial Chemistry, Medicinal Organic Chemistry, and Pharmaceutical Analysis. Students will practice and study medicine Chemistry. They need to be physically and mentally fit, and they need to know how to handle time.

Pharmacy is one of the most challenging courses because it covers almost every aspect of science. A pharmacy student needs to study Medicinal Inorganic Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Biochemistry, and Pharmaceutical Analysis.

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9. Law

Law is a noble degree even though you practice one of the relatively “simpler” laws; it is among the most challenging studies to learn and will require you to work very hard since the first day of law studies. The topic needs a lot of research, and one wants to stress the little stuff because everybody’s going to ask them for legal advice, and you’re not going to want to give it.

Every society has to abide by specific rules and regulations. There is a rule for any sin or good job. So, as a whole, there are many papers that a law student has to remember. These all things make the law a tricky topic.

10. Chartered Accountancy

Chartered accounting is among the most common career choices between business students. The length of the course you can do if cleared in one attempt is approximately 3-3.5 years. The syllabus is so vast and difficult. CA requires average intelligence paired with a lot of hard work on clearing all levels. CA is not challenging because of the low pass rate requirement, but it gets tough because the aspirants are trapped in the later stage of CA.

CA is not difficult; instead of a low passing percentage, it gets tricky because the aspirants get trapped in the later stage of CA. The contents of the course: CA students ought to study a range of subjects. They need to research some general topics such as Economy, Statistics, Law, IT, General Management, Mathematics, etc.

Toughest Courses in the World

Multiple courses across the world demand an additional amount of time and dedication, making it harder for students to take the course. But it is the concentration and inspiration of any student that helps them achieve better scores when taking the world’s toughest courses. Many science sub-subjects are considered to be the toughest courses in the globe.

Here is the collection of the most difficult courses in the world:

Computer Science Engineering

Audio Engineering Course

Masters in Emergency Medicine

Paramedical Courses

MS in Engineering Management

Safety Engineering

Aircraft Engineering

Courses after Engineering

Chartered Accountancy

Civil Engineering



Piping Engineering



Toughest Exams List around the World!

It is necessary to pass most of the world’s most challenging competitions to be qualified for some high-level programs. Students learn to pass these tests for months or even years to follow the dream of research and the area in which they have an interest.

IT-JEE – Indian Institute of Technology Joint Entrance Examination.

California Bar Exam


CA – Chartered Accountancy Exam

Cisco Certified Internetworking Expert


Graduate Aptitude Test in Engineering (GATE)

Master Sommelier Diploma

The United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE)


National Admissions Test for Law (LNAT)

Union Public Service Commission (UPSC)


Indian Engineering Services (IES)

Graduate Record Exams (GRE)

CFA – Chartered Financial Analyst

National College Entrance Examination (NCEE)


These are the top 10 best toughest course in India; according to us, these courses are listed randomly and do not relate to any ranking. Even all these courses are much popular between the students and career-oriented also. Many other courses are famous as the toughest courses globally and after successful completion give you a huge salary.

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