ITI Full Form & Details About Courses, Fees, Colleges etc


ITI is an abbreviation for “Industrial Training Institute.” It is also referred to as ITI’s. It offers technical training in both engineering and non-engineering fields. It is a post-secondary school in India that is run by the Directorate General of Employment and Training (DGET) of the Ministry of Labour and Employment Union of the Government of India.

SDM Full Form | what is the Full Form of SDM?

SDM full form

SDM Full Form = “Sub Divisional Magistrate” Sub Divisional Magistrate is the full form of SDM. Subdivisions are formed inside a district. An SDM heads each subdivision, an administrative official who, depending on the country’s government system, maybe below the district’s level or above the district’s level.

DSP Full Form and Other Details

DSP Full Form =”Deputy Superintendent of Police.” DSP is an abbreviation for “Deputy Superintendent of Police.” DSP is a rank of a police officer in the Indian police force. DSP is a state police representative who directs state police officers. This officer’s rank emblem is a national symbol on the shoulder strap above one star.

EMI Full Form | what is the Full Form of EMI

EMI Full Form

EMI Full Form = “Equated Monthly Installment.” Equated Monthly Installment is the full form of EMI. An EMI is a preset sum paid by a borrower to a moneylender on a certain day each month for a set length of time. EMI is an abbreviation for Equated Monthly Installment.