15 Top Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

15 Top Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Are you finding profitable small manufacturing business ideas in India, which you can start with low investment in India? If yes, here I will share some most popular and easy to start small manufacturing business ideas in India.

Manufacturing businesses are much profitable and scalable businesses compare to other businesses. Mostly, all big brands are in the manufacturing business, and they were starting these businesses with low capital and grow that with time.

In India, you don’t need to take tension about the market because India is the biggest market in the world. Every multinational brand wants to sell its products in India.

Only you need to analyze your capability and select one potential product for production and research carefully the whole system of production and market of that product.

The Indian government also helps entrepreneurs to start new ventures in the manufacturing industry. You can apply for a Mudra loan as SME (Small Medium Enterprises) and set up your small production industry.

Best Small Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

As I say above, manufacturing businesses are highly profitable, and these can scale endlessly. Here I will show most of the businesses which everyone can start at low cost, and women and students both can set up these manufacturing businesses from home.

So let’s dive the list of small manufacturing business ideas:

1. Handmade Biscuit making

It’s a skill-based manufacturing business with high profit. If you know baking and want to explore business in the bakery industry, handmade biscuits and cookies manufacturing is the best business idea for you. People love handmade biscuits and cookies and pay well for it.

You can start this business from home with less than INR 80,000. Ladies and girls can do well in this business.

To supply your handmade biscuits and cookies, you can approach you’re nearby departmental stores and malls because here, you can touch customers who appreciate your quality and capable of buying.

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2. Designer Candle Making Business

The candle manufacturing business is straightforward and easy. With your creative mind, you can create a successful business.

Here I don’t tell you simple candle making, which is available everywhere, and you face competition and low profit.
You need to think about some unique ideas and manufacture candles colorful and attractive and boom! Your candle making business will set successfully.

Most of the hotels, parties, celebrations, functions, and any special occasions required colorful designer candles for decoration.

To start this business, you don’t need to invest much money 20 to 50thousand INR is much enough for equipment and raw material like molds, wax, dye, etc.

Homemakers and students can start this business from home as part-time and can scale up as a stable business.

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3. Handmade Chocolate Manufacturing Business

Chocolates are delicious and mood-enhancing sweet, and almost everyone loves chocolates. Already, the different big brands produce and market chocolates in India.

The handmade chocolate market is overgrowing in India. So if you are interested in creating a manufacturing business in handmade chocolates, you can do some experiments on chocolate taste enhancement.

You can use your imagination and mix chocolate with other ingredients and create a new one. For example, you can incorporate chocolate with fruits, berries, dry fruits, and spices and give different shapes with the help of molds.

In this small manufacturing business startup, you need little investment and more creativity to get success.
You can sell handmade chocolates on eCommerce platforms, Malls, pastry shops, restaurants, and departmental stores.

At the festival season, you will get excellent sales orders.

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4. Disposable Cups & Plates Manufacturing business

It is another accessible small manufacturing business. Disposable cups and plates are a daily use product in the food industries, like restaurants, food carts, parties, functions, and any festivals.

The high demand for disposable cups & plates opens opportunities for many jobless individuals to start this small manufacturing business with low investment.

Nowadays, disposable plates, cups, spoons, forks, and many others are made of food-grade plastic. It’s safe for health and easy to dispose of.

So if you have plans to innovate new things in the disposable industry, you can establish a manufacturing company with low investment in your own land.

For this work, you need machinery and raw materials; for that, you can contact any large manufacturing company that offers machines and raw materials to small enterprises for production and buyback finished products from them.

And if you have a budget approx 1 lakh, start owned a small factory in your backyard or free space and sold your finished products in your local wholesale market.

5. Incense Sticks Manufacturing Unit

Incense Stick or Agarbatti making is one of the best small manufacturing business ideas because of consumption. India is the place of many religions, and Incense sticks are used in almost every ritual ceremony.

In this business, you don’t need any significant capital; only 30k INR is sufficient to start this micro-manufacturing unit. As a raw material, you need to buy some essential oils for fragrance and bamboo sticks, etc.

Focus on the branding of your incense sticks business like packing, logo, slogan, and marketing to develop yourself as a brand and makes huge profits with this simple and daily use product.

6. Homemade Costumes and Jewelry Manufacturing

These businesses are a great small business for women. It’s a low investment and skill-based business.
Females are crazy about fashion and jewelry, and custom design wearing in trends nowadays.

If you have any skills like fashion jewelry making or tailoring, you can start manufacturing these from home.
And as you grow in your business, you may also hire other women and girls.

To sell your products, contact malls, and related big brands showrooms in your area or sell online on your own website.

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7. Paper Bags Manufacturing Business

Paper bags production is a high-profit business. After the government banned polythene, the demand for paper bags is increasing.

Paper bags are needed in different sizes and types according to business. You can search on google term “paper Bags” and see results in the image tab here you got the idea of thousands of design and size of paper bags.

With printing facilities, you can successfully develop your paper bags making business. You can start this business with a meager budget, and after some time to increasing production capacity can install automatic machinery.

8. Jam & Jelly Manufacturing

You can produce Jam and Jelly from home and sell in the market. In this small manufacturing business, you need clean and airy space and some helpers.

Jam is the favorite breakfast topping of children and almost daily used in every home. With minimum investment and innovative cooking, you can set up this home-based business.

Women are much comfortable to start these types of business as part-time and increase manufacturing capacity and earning overtime.

9. Spice powders manufacturing

Spices are the main ingredient of Indian foods; mostly every citizen uses spices in India. In the past time, we are using spices as the complete forms in dishes mostly.

And now, spices powders are much popular because of their convenience and quality control. So, as a manufacturing business, it’s a highly profitable and demanding business. With proper equipment and machine, you can start a spices powder making business from your backyard.

To set up this business, you need some medium investment as an example 2lac to 5 lacs INR for machinery, packing material, raw material, and other essential things.

Branding is the primary strategy to succeed in this business.

10. Handmade Soap Manufacturing

Business opportunities are everywhere with innovative thought and the right knowledge; you can create any business to become a successful business.

The handmade soap making business is the perfect example of that. It is a low investment and high profitable business.
People love to experience new things, and handmade soaps are gain popularity continually.

You can grab this opportunity and start this business from your home. Handmade soaps are selling costly because of its herbal benefits and memorable fragrance.

Five-star hotels, Spa, Malls, and Departmental Stores are your potential customers. And if you plan to sell online also, then you will rock!

11. Hair Oil Manufacturing Business

Hair oil is also a daily used product, and the production of hair oil is low investment and excellent profit business.
To start this business, you must go to the knowledge of the oil mixing formula. In today’s hair, oils are nonsticky with light fragrance are much popular.

You can start a hair oil making business with approx 25k to 60k INR from your house, and after some success, can upgrade infrastructure if needed.

12. Ball Pen Refill Manufacturing

Pen refill manufacturing is maybe an excellent project for new entrepreneurs. It’s simple and easy to start a business.
Many companies required small refill manufacturers for production for them, and you can establish your business with the collaboration of anyone company.

Or set up your brand with your capital approx 50k to 200k INR. For production, you need these machines like Sampling machine, Nozzle fixing machine, Ink filling machine, and Punching machine, etc.

The demand is endless of Ball Pen Refill, and your business gain orders continue.

13. Honey Making Unit

Honey is the best natural food for health, and good quality and pure honey is always in high demand.

If you have any free land, you can start a beekeeping or bee farming business. The minimum investment is approx 50k INR for instruments and packaging materials etc.

It’s a very calm and peaceful business with good earnings.

14. Fruit Pulp Manufacturing

Fruit pulp manufacturing is a low competition business in India. It’s also a high profit and the most demanding production business.

In our nation, millions of rupees are wasted in a low-quality transportation system of fruits. And the other side fruit pulp requirements are increasing for ice-cream, sweet, and different related products.

You can benefit from this by starting a fruit pulp manufacturing business. You can sell your product in the local market, restaurants, hotels, sweet shops, Malls, and other Departmental Store, etc., and make huge profits.

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15. Aluminum Fabrication Business

The aluminum fabrication business is also an excellent business idea in India. Nowadays, aluminum doors & windows are more popular compare then wood because of its low cost and durability. Aluminum fabrication or production business can start in meager investment and not much space.

In this business, you may offer readymade products or take custom orders from your clients for different fabrication work; as an example installing aluminum windows doors frames among households, government offices, corporate offices, and shops, etc.

16. Furniture Manufacturing Business

Furniture is used everywhere in different formats like; Table, Chair, Cupboard, Wardrobes, Cabins, etc.
And doing the manufacturing of furniture is much profitable and easy to setup.

Starting capital requirement is depends on your planning, such as if you want to start this business from your home, so the investment is approx 1lac to 1.5 lacs.

You need to buy woods, wooden work tools, glue, and some machines to start your work.
To furniture business, you can manufacture office furniture, versatile furniture, luxury furniture, and much creative design furniture.

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17. Paper Cup Manufacturing Business

Paper cups are used almost all offices, canteens, shops, tea making shops, home parties, and many other places and occasions.

To start a paper cup manufacturing business, you need a minimum of 300k INR to purchase raw materials, machines, and other essential things.

You can sell paper cups at local tea stalls, wholesalers, parties, marriage parties, hotels, and restaurants, etc. and make your income with paper plate business.

18. Pickles Making Unit

Indians can’t forget pickles smell in classrooms in their childhood when any student has pickles and paratha for Tiffin time.

Then and now, pickles are always shown on the kitchen table in every Indian home. In India, this business is still thriving because everyone loves pickles.

To start this delicious manufacturing business, you need a small investment approx 30k INR to buy raw materials.

19. Shoe Laces manufacturing

Shoelaces making business is also a low capital and easy to sell product business. India is the biggest manufacturer of shoes in the world, and most of the shoe companies are buy shoelaces from any third manufacturing enterprise.

This business starting cost is low as a minimum 30thousand to purchase shoelaces braiding machines and raw materials.

You can sell your ready product in the wholesale market or tie-up with any known brand in your area.

20. Buttons Making Unit

Shirt buttons pant buttons and many other options are available in buttons manufacturing business.

The garment industry is almost shut down without buttons, which means it’s a vast market is depends on it.

You can start this business with the lowest capital, approx 25,000 from your comfortable home, and over time, grow your business.

Some essential points to consider before starting any manufacturing business:

1. Do proper research of your selected business
2. Complete legal and registration formalities
3. Raw materials and equipment availability
4. Local wholesale markets and bulk buyers for your products.
5. Scalability potential of selected business etc.

Other than these, you need to planning, dedication, continuity, and the most important your capital or fund management skills are the essential elements to run your business successfully.
So, if you got this post is helpful to you, please share it with others and have any queries comment me below box.

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