SDM Full Form | what is the Full Form of SDM?

SDM full form

SDM Full Form | what is the Full Form of SDM?

What is the full form of SDM?

SDM Full Form = “Sub Divisional Magistrate”

Sub Divisional Magistrate is the full form of SDM. Subdivisions are formed inside a district. An SDM heads each subdivision, an administrative official who, depending on the country’s government system, maybe below the district’s level or above the district’s level.

In India, a Sub-Divisional Magistrate (sometimes known as a Sub-Divisional Administrator) is the chief official of a district subdivision, an administrative officer who is occasionally lower in rank than the district administrator, depending on the country’s government system. SDM is usually an executive of State Public Service Commission ranking.

SDM Full Form

During their training phase, IAS officials who the UPSC has chosen also serve as SDMs. Tehsils are sub-divisions of each district. Tax inspectors and Collector magistrates have the magistrate appoint it. The SDM is in charge of all subdivisions (Tehsils) in the state (Sub Divisional Magistrate). Under the Criminal Procedure Code 1973, a sub-divisional magistrate in India is vested with several executive and magisterial duties.

Revenue-Generating Activities

The upkeep of land records, the handling of revenue cases, the completion of demarcation and modification operations, settlement operations, and the duty as custodian of public land are all part of the revenue functions. Sub Divisional Magistrates are appointed as Assistant Collectors and Taxation Assistants, and they are in charge of the majority of the day-to-day revenue collection activities. Taxation is managed by Tehsildars, who are active in revenue operations and mutations at the field level.

The subordinate revenue personnel, which include Girdavars, Kanungos (Revenue Inspectors), and Patwaries, are all under the supervision of Tehsildars. They are also authorized to issue various statutory certifications, including SC/ST and OBC certificates and certificates of domicile and nationality.

SDM Full Form

Registrar’s Offices are located in nine locations across the city. They are responsible for registering property papers, sale deeds, powers of attorney, stock certificates, and any other documents required to be registered under the law. In addition to becoming Registrars for their respective districts, Deputy Commissioners also have supervisory authority over the Sub Registrars.

Functions of the Sub Devisional Magistrates

Under the supervision of the District Magistrates, Sub Divisional Magistrates exercise their authority. In this capacity, they are in charge of administering the Code of Criminal Procedure’s preventative sections. They also investigate cases of unnatural deaths of women who have died within seven years of their marriage and, if necessary, provide orders to the police to register a complaint with the authorities.

Sub Divisional Magistrates have the authority to conduct investigations into custodial fatalities, including deaths in police cells, jails, women’s homes, and other institutions. Officers of this Department are also required to serve as the government’s eyes and ears, conducting investigations into all significant accidents, including large fires, riots, and natural catastrophes, among other things.

SDM Full Form

Disaster Management and Response

This department managed tasks with the primary duty for relief and rehabilitation in natural or artificial disasters. It is also in charge of organizing and implementing a disaster management strategy for natural and chemical catastrophes and a disaster preparation awareness-raising campaign, which is being carried out with the help of the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP).


Is SDM is an IAS officer?

SDM (Sub-Divisional Magistrate) is the initial posting designation for an Indian Administrative Service (IAS) officer recruited via the UPSC Civil Services Examination. During the first year of their careers, IAS officers participate in district training with their home cadres before being assigned to their first assignment.

In this capacity, they are first appointed as a sub-divisional magistrate (SDM), and they are assigned to a district sub-division. In addition, a senior officer of the State Civil Service with sufficient work experience in subordinate positions can be promoted to SDM. One of the responsibilities of an SDM is to oversee a district sub-division.

Who is more powerful, DM or SDM?

In India, a District Magistrate (D.M.) is a member of the Indian Administrative Service (IAS). According to Wikipedia, a district magistrate (DM) is the senior-most executive magistrate and the head in charge of the general administration of a district in India. Thus, a district magistrate (DM) is the highest authority in a particular Indian district in layman’s terms.

SDM Full Form

Every district in India is represented by a DM (District Magistrate) appointed by the state government. India is a democratic country with a very complex structure of power and authority. However, it is also a vast country. A Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM) is a title given to the person in charge of the administrative headquarters of a district subdivision.

If the political system allows it, an SDM is an administrative official who is lower in rank than a district administrator. In most cases, an SDM is a PCS-level officer. There are tehsils governed by the tax inspector and the Collector magistrate, who are both elected in every district. The SDM is in charge of all of the subdivisions (tehsils) in the state.

What is SDM salary?

The basic salary of an SDM will begin at 56,100 per month and will increase with yearly increments following the 7th CPC Matrix. SDM salary will include basic pay, grade pay, Dearness Allowance, HRA, Travel Expenses, and other allowances in the gross salary. In addition to that, SDM will be eligible for a variety of additional perks.

Any required deductions will reduce the gross salary for the SDM to get at the in-hand salary. Income tax, professional tax, the Central Provident Fund, and the Central Pension Fund are all eligible for deductions under the new law.

Can SDM become a collector?

An IAS officer can begin their career as an SDM [independent office] and go all the way to Secretary to the Government of India. However, it may take an IAS officer between 5-7 years after joining the service before being promoted to District Collector. Because they have a well-established tenure structure, and all promotions are given out on schedule.

Collectors are responsible for collecting land revenue, and he also serves as the highest revenue judicial authority in the district in his capacity as Chief Officer of the Revenue Administration and Land Revenue Collector. In addition, he serves as the district Elections Officer and the Registrar for purposes of registration.

SDM Full Form

He is in charge of all other government agencies in his district, and he supervises them all. Shortly said, the district administrator is the chief administrative officer, a liaison between several agencies, and a connection between the general public and the government. He implements policies and administers the rules and regulations enacted by the government from time to time.

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