10 Most Profitable Online Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

profitable online business ideas in India

10 Most Profitable Online Small Business Ideas in India with Low Investment

Doing a Business is the best solution to fight your financial hurdle in your life. There are several profitable online small business ideas in India. Anyone can start these businesses with some right information and with low or almost no investment.

A small business can help multiple families to beat their financial problems. It’s also playing an essential role in developing the nation.

If you ask any student what they will do after complete education, most of the students saying they will become a businessman. Why, because everyone wants to live their life as they saw the present businessman’s lifestyle.

And it’s possible in this digital era where you can start an online business with low or almost without investment and scale your business endless.

Presently, the government of India promotes small and medium enterprises to help those who start new ventures. The government takes different initiatives like gives different business loans with the low-interest rates with a subsidy, simplify the business registration process, easy to understand the tax system and reduce the complexity of import and export regulation act, etc.

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Before working on small business ideas in India, it’s must to plan very well. Find opportunities and difficulties in business carefully, start with a low budget, (divide into three parts of your capital and start with one part, second part for scale, and the third part for any emergency or downfall).

Some other essential steps before starting your business:

  • Do proper research about your business idea (competition, the potential customer (Buyer persona), location, etc.).
  • Make a blueprint for implementing
  • Capital arrangement & management
  • Register your business name
  • Branding with (logo, colors, etc.)
  • Complete licenses and permission process
  • Setup team and automate processes
  • Promote your business with all possible ways
  • Motivate yourself to work in a systematic way

Ones you understand and complete these essential steps, you are ready to start a new profitable small business.

So, let’s find the best profitable business ideas in India.

Most Profitable and Best Online Small Business Ideas in India for Beginners

Nowadays, businesses go online to reach more customers without any limitation of boundaries. With the internet and a pc or laptop, everyone can start an online small business from home with low or almost without investment.

Most of the online business ideas are skill-based means you need to only invest in gaining a skill. Online business ideas are growing rapidly.

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1. YouTube Channel

If you comfortable with the camera and have any unique skill, you can create a YouTube channel and share your knowledge with others. It is the top home-based business you can start without investment.

YouTube is providing a free platform for video creators to create excellent and unique content. After reaching subscribers and views, YouTube displays the ads of your videos and share a part of earnings with video creators.

You can create videos on any topic or niche like, education, comedy, online earning, cooking, craft, DIY, etc.

Make sure to read and understand YouTube content policy to prevent any trouble in your YouTube business journey.

2. Blogging

Blogging is another best business idea in India. Blogging is more comfortable for those interested in writing, and if you are, this is an excellent opportunity for you. With blogging, you can earn rs.100000 to rs.500000 monthly.

You can start blogging with blogger or WordPress and write unique and highly informational content or articles on your blog. To start blogging, you need a blog name (Domain name) and good web hosting (if you start with WordPress). Other elements like themes, plugins, etc. are you can use free in the beginner stage.

Take blogging as a business and give the most time to set up your blog full of useful content, and market your content on social media and other relative platforms.

When you reach some visitors daily, you can apply for AdSense to display ads on your blog post and earn passive money.

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3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is an evergreen business. It’s also a fast-growing business in India. The concept is promoting other’s products or services, and if someone purchases a product or service from your affiliate links, you will get a commission for that.

As a small business, it is a highly profitable and low investment business idea. There are endless products and offers available to promote online. You can promote these offers on your website, YouTube channel, social media, and other online platforms and create a successful small business in India.

4. Online Tuition Service

Online Tuition Services can be a good option for a qualified person to set a small business from home. It is also maybe the best business idea for women who can want to work and create a business from home.

Nowadays, education is most costly, and with online tuition service, you can help society and also earn revenue with this social cause.

5. Online Course

As online tuition, you can also create and sell your courses on the internet. It’s also a low investment and high profitable business idea in India. Simply you have any skill or knowledge you can create a comprehensive video course and sell your course on online courses platform like Udemy and SkillShare etc.

6. Ecommerce Business

Ecommerce business needs some money to start, but if you dive into this business opportunity, you can’t imagine its earning potential. With careful research of products and the right guidance, you will set up an e-commerce business within rs.50, 000, and scale up this business as you want.

Shopify and WooCommerce are the best ways to create an eCommerce website without any coding and difficulty.

7. Dropshipping Business

If you are not comfortable to invest rs.50, 000 to start an e-commerce business, you can consider dropshipping business; it’s similar to the eCommerce business, and the difference is you don’t need to stock products.

In this eCommerce business model, you need an e-commerce website, and you will list products of your drop shipper, and if you get a sale, you would buy the product from your drop shipper and your drop shipper deliver the product to your customer.

You can earn 3times or more from your customers as you pay to your dropshipping service provider.

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8. Content Writer

Content writing is an evergreen online small business. If you noticed the internet is a fluid of the content, every asset on the internet needs more content. And a good content writer is always in high demand. Especially, Women can create a profitable content writing business successfully.

It’s effortless to start a home business idea in India, only you need to have the skill to write an article in any niche or topic, and you need to understand SEO terms in content writing.

You can start content writing business with Fiverr and other freelancing websites. After gaining experience and good reviews, you can charge more money for your content writing service.

9. Freelance Service

Freelancing is a term where you can work for anyone (businesses, companies, or persons around the world) without presently there. Freelance services are operating online. There are many services available you can freelance as a freelancer.

If you have any skills like; writing, data entry, photo editing, voice-over, translation, record a video, etc., you can sell your services online and create a profitable business without any investments.

I insist you, please go on Fiverr and find any services you can create if not right now, learn a small skill online and after that, you must start a freelance service on any freelance website and earn with your freelance business.

10. Web Designer Service

Web designing business is also a skill-based low investment business, and anyone can start from home. If you know the coding and have good imagination power, you can become a successful web designer.

Every business wants a website, and businesses are highly paying for good looking professional websites. In this business, you can earn rs.10, 000 to rs.50, 000 for a single web designing.

Sum up

These online small business ideas in India are more profitable and easy to start with low investment. Almost all business ideas are in this post; women also can start and easily manage from home.

As beginners, you must choose one of these business ideas and do the research yourself carefully. Others successfully run all businesses; you need to have a new and unique approach to success in any business idea.

So, take your first step and I wish your success in your future. and if you have any questions regarding this post please comment below.

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