13 Easy Online Part Time Jobs At Home For Students

Best Online Part Time Jobs

13 Easy Online Part Time Jobs At Home For Students

In a student’s life, we are facing the same problem, how can we earn extra pocket money part-time. To earn extra cash, we can do some online part time jobs from home.

Nowadays, the Internet is the best way to find online part time jobs. And the part time jobs are a great way to earn money without investments.

But, the big question is how to find the best online jobs for students because the students are not experienced in any type of job.

So here I describe some best online part time jobs for students, this can help you to make some additional money without any experience.

These online jobs are beginner-friendly, and if you take some time to understand how these are works, you can also do the same.

These online jobs are needed some essential requirements,

  • Laptop or desktop or (mobile phone in some type of jobs)
  • Internet connection
  • Basic English knowledge
  • Self-motivated
  • Capability to understand working concepts

If you are here and reading this article, you already have all the essential requirements.

So, let’s begin,

13 Best Online Part Time Jobs

1. Become A Virtual Assistant

A Virtual Assistant is just like an office assistant. The difference is a virtual assistant, and a traditional office assistant is a virtual assistant who completes the task remotely (virtually).

These jobs are useful for students, homemakers, and retired persons.

This type of online part time job needs some knowledge of office management. As a virtual assistant, you will do some tasks like: fix the appointment, update the social media accounts of the client, and other official activities.

Successful virtual assistants earned more than rs.50000 per month.

2. Stock Photographer

Today’s Photography is not limited to experts, because of the Smartphone. Everyone can take good pictures with their mobile phones.

If you interested in Photography and you have a Smartphone (obviously you have) you can become a stock photographer, and it’s free.

Take some good pictures and upload on Shutterstock or istock, and if the images are excellent quality, someone purchases your photo, and you can make instant money in your bank account.

3. Become a Translator

As you know, many of the students selected a foreign language in college. They have a great opportunity in online part time jobs as a translator.

The Internet has billions of documents in English and other languages. And the website owners, companies, corporates, and individuals need some translators to convert their documents in any other language.

You can find this translation jobs on Upwork, Freelancer, and other freelance jobs websites.

4. Online Graphic Designer

We are surrounded by graphic designs, if you notice, your screen is a design, and your table, cup, pen, and all things are a design. And the all layout designed by a graphic designer.

I want to say more about this; graphic design is the best way to earn unlimited money in your pocket. In your free time, you can use canva.com to explore the potential of graphic design.

There are many types of jobs you can do, like design visiting cards, logo design, pamphlet design, web design, and many others.

5. Online Tutor

If you like to study and kind to explain any subject, you can give online tuition as part time work. There are some websites they can provide an option to teach students online.

Find a better website to start online tutoring. Here are some websites which are providing online teaching jobs in India. 

These are ZiyyaraMy tutorTutorIndia, etc.

6. Content Writer

It’s an evergreen profession after all content are everywhere. A simple blogger or a big company website needs content for its marketing strategy.

So if you have good command in English or any other language, you can become a content writer.

As a content writer, you can earn Rs. 1000 to Rs.3000 daily.

7. Music instructor

If music is your passion, and you want to teach music lessons to others, you can do as part-time online coaching. There are several websites available to teach online music lessons.

8. Video Editor

Videos are the best way to marketing any product or services online and offline. Lots of digital marketer needs video editing professionals to arrange the video, audio, text, and images to tell a storyline.

As a video editor, you can earn thousands of dollars and set a reputable online home based job.

9. Mystery Shopper

You can also do a mystery shopper job part-time. As a mystery shopper, you are responsible for buying a product or service from stores and reporting back about customer response, staff’s behavior, and other essential things.

 Mostly mystery shopper hires by a survey organization, not a company.

10. Social Media Manager Job

As a social media manager, you will manage social media accounts of your clients regularly. Develop and grow related content, images, and videos to reach the client’s target audience. It is the best online part time job for girl students. 

11. Captcha Solver/Entry Job

Captcha typing jobs are the simplest way to make some money on part-time. If you are a beginner to work online, Captcha solving is the best option to start. A Captcha is an image text or number to verify the human or robot is the other side.

A Captcha solver job is to view the image and type the text or number in the given box. These types of work need good typing speed to make sufficient money as part-time.

12. Data Entry Jobs

Data entry jobs are some technical aspects type of work. As a student, you can quickly grab the technique of data entry or typing method, if given some time to this. It’s also the most popular online part time jobs from home.

13. Fiverr

Fiverr is the best marketplace that connects sellers and buyers around the world. It’s a simple and effective platform for beginners to earn money online. Here clients look for services (called gigs) within a lot of categories like web development, logo design, content writing, and many more. 

And the other side, sellers are offering those services from $5. 

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So, in this post, I shared all easy to start online part time jobs for students. You can work on these jobs without any investments and from home. I hope this is helping you to grow your income from your student life. 

If you have any question or concern, please comment me in the comment box, and if you like this, please share with others.

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