Top 10 Online Money Earning Games in India

Online Money Earning Games

Top 10 Online Money Earning Games in India – 2022

Online Money Earning Games: Do you have a smartphone and want to earn money online by playing games? If yes, in this post, I will show you some popular Paytm cash-earning games you can use for your part-time earning.

Many gaming apps are available online that offer earning opportunities by playing games, watching videos, filling surveys, and other small tasks. But here, I will list only the best Paytm cash earning games that can help you earn a minimum of Rs. 2000 from each app.

These gaming apps are totally legitimate and most popular for real Paytm cash. You only need a smartphone, internet connection, Paytm account, and one or two hours in a day to earn money online with fun.

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Now, let’s check out the,

10 Best & Free Paytm Cash Earning Games!

1. BrainBaazi Games app

BrainBaazi is an enjoyable online game that makes it possible to upgrade your overall knowledge while maintaining you loaded with a few quick of Paytm money.  The BrainBaazi quiz goes on living two times per day with a day series from 1 pm Monday to Friday. 

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They’ve got a daily display in the day at 8:30 pm.  It would be best if you merely answered each of the questions reside and choose your talk of winning quantity dwelling.  The prize money for the day show is Rs. 20,000, along the day series is Rs. 50,000.

You can consult with the below-given Actions to guarantee to begin winning cash with BrainBaazi.

Log into the Program and Begin Engaging in the quizzes and answer the questions shows on the monitor.  You get 10 minutes to answer every query.

When you answer all of the questions correctly, the winning amount will be credited immediately into your Paytm account.

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You receive one additional life on registration which you can be utilized to bring yourself back to the game. Beg your friend to perform with this match, and as soon as they combine, both of you receive an extra life!

2. Rummy Circle

Rummy Circle is an internet Rummy platform that enables its users to perform Rummy with customers worldwide.

You may log in and choose the preferred region to play the match together with your electronic avatar.

Refer more visitors to Rummy Circle and bring in around Rs. 500 the exclusive linking bonus of Rs. 2000 on Rummy Circle, on new enrollment.

Get your referral to play a match of minimal Rs. 350 so Which You Can Find a referral Quantity of Rs. 500 and then earn Rs. 100 for another nine occasions when he performs Rummy to get Rs. 333 each time Special offers daily together with all the Rummy Circle Deal of the Day provides.

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Refer as many individuals as you need to make more cash exude additional offerings and cashback while appreciating Rummy Circle with the exclusive Rummy Circle Paytm Offer.

3. Ludo Supreme

Play Ludo online with your friends and earn money from Paytm while you keep yourself entertained. Ludo Supreme is the RNG Certified Dice by iTech Labs. Ludo Supreme includes a brand new format where you can perform a thrilling 10 minutes match.

You can play random players or encourage your friends/family to perform you.  The 10-minute play functions using a clock in which the timer runs out after 10 minutes.  The winner is going to be the participant with the maximum score.

The very best thing is the timer will induce one to score maximum, and at precisely the same time, you won’t feel tired from extended playtime.

4. MPL

Back in India, MPL is among the most excellent gaming app.  It has 50+ finest cash-generating games for Paytm. You may discover fun and enable you to make a fantastic amount of money for Paytm. MPL is Royal Challengers Bangalore’s official host for its IPL 2020 (Indian Premium League), making it among cricket fans’ favorite programs.

MPL retains several tournaments to amuse their players and let them gain an adequate quantity of money. Paytm, Amazon Pay, UPI, as well as direct bank withdrawal may redemption the earnings created.

5. Pocket Money

As the title of the app “Pocket Money” indicates, this Paytm money games program will permit you to make cash to transfer into the Paytm wallet. Tambola is the most popular game which you could play on the program.  You can also make money on the app from viewing movies, installing programs, and seeing websites.

The earnings model of this Pocket Money program is to earn cash from advertisers, and it’ll give you a share of the earnings.

6. Loco

As BrainBaazi, Loco is just another live quiz game that lets you make Paytm money once you correctly answer the server’s questions.  There are choices available to modify the terminology as well, making it quite popular throughout India. 

Download the app and register to begin enjoying the match of wits.  Answer all ten questions right to earn your share of Paytm money.

You can earn coins with each right response and every successful referral. You can convert these coins into Paytm money.

7. Quiz

Paytm First Quiz is an easy yet interactive quiz game with questions ranging from current affairs to overall understanding encompassing categories like games, food, and entertainment.

You can read the below list of information to know more about the game:

Log into your Paytm accounts and start enjoying the game.

Response them properly and receive 10 points for each correct answer

You can then redeem these points in the Kind of vouchers or money.

Sharpen your mind when making more and more Paytm Money

8. Ball Pool

It is another famous online game that allows you to earn some fast Paytm money.  8 Ball Pool is among the most sought after and downloaded matches on Google Play, and rightly so. 

It is possible to refer friends to play with this game, and every successful referral earns you Rs. 15 at Paytm money. Your earnings will immediately be transferred to your Paytm accounts or may use for everyday functions. 

9. QrumbleBox

Challenge your folks to a game of trivia with QrumbleBox.  Select your preferred group to compete and win money for the same.  Keep yourself up to date with a myriad of trivia while also ripping up a great deal of money.  You can check out the significant categories below:

Subscribe to QrumbleBox and receive Rs. 10 as sign up bonus

Log in to the program and choose your favorite category.

Select a Buddy to battle them and lock horns together

You might also make Rs. 10 if you refer a friend.

10. Wheel of Fortune

Wheel of Fortune is among the most played games on Paytm First Games. It’s due to proper motives! It’s easy and satisfying, both things most of us wish for out of a match.

This game is a luck-based game, where you gamble on a few, which has the reward composed directly beside it. You may decide on the number of beans that you would like to wager on that number. 

By way of instance, if you bet on the number two, you will get 2x the amount of beans you’d bet.  It is also possible to select the number of beans you would like to wager on those amounts to win large. 

Sum up

According to us, these are the ten best paytm cash earning games, but there are multiple other online games available on Google Play Store and Paytm First Games that offer to earn free paytm cash opportunity.

Your earned Paytm cash will encash any shopping platforms and shopkeepers who accept paytm payments.  If you like this post, please share it with others, and for a query, please comment to me in the below box.

Thanks for Reading!!

Happy Earning!

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