10 Best Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

10 Best Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

As you know very well, doing business is the best way to being a successful person in society and your life. And if you plan to start any medium scale manufacturing business and find some cool business idea.

This post will tell you about 10 profitable and easy-to-start medium-scale manufacturing business ideas in India.

Why Manufacturing Business?

Manufacturing businesses are always the most profitable and easy to scale up.  Lots of entrepreneurs are already working on different Manufacturing Business Ideas in India.

In India, manufacturing businesses are easy to start a business because of government schemes for manufacturers.

India is the biggest consumer base country, and demand and supply is the biggest problem for the Indian Government.

Many products are imported from China and other countries, and the Indian Government wants to reduce these countries’ dependency.

What is a Medium-Scale Manufacturing Business?

To understand medium scale manufacturing businesses, you need to understand the manufacturing business term.

A manufacturing business is basically a business where any product is made from an assembly line with the help of machines, human and computers to sell in the market.

For example, you use multiple products and goods in your daily life, like Mobile Phones, stationeries, auto-mobile, house-hold electronics, and electrical items, etc. are made by manufacturing units.

There are three types of manufacturing businesses categorized by industry.

These are a small-scale manufacturing business, medium-scale manufacturing business, and large-scale manufacturing business.

All these categories depend on investment capital, the number of human resources, production capabilities, etc.

Upto 10 employees are working in a medium-scale manufacturing business. Basically, it’s a small manufacturing business that’s growing over time.

Top Medium Scale Manufacturing Business Ideas in India

So, now let’s see some high profitable manufacturing businesses that you can start with a medium capital between 5lakhs to 20 lakhs and scale up your business soon.

Before going to the list of business ideas, I suggest you please carefully research your selected business idea and make a blueprint of your actual executions.

Like; raw material source, investment capability, loan availability, registration and paperwork, potential market to sell, etc.

You can also start these medium scale businesses with low investment. After getting success, you can increase investment and productivity.

1. Jewelry Manufacturing Business-

The jewelry manufacturing business in India is highly profitable. Indians love jewelry and spend lots of money on that.

This manufacturing business idea required skill and some high capital to start. The jewelry business is evergreen and high profitable business in India.

2. Toy Manufacturing-

Toys are the most imported items by our country. Indian toy manufacturing industry in a growing position.

Indian Government tries to increase Indian toys’ productivity and provide all resources and facilities to Indian toys manufacturer.

It is the best medium investment business for new entrepreneurs. The potential of the toy industry is exceptionally high.

Suppose you are interested in starting a toy manufacturing business. In that case, you need to research demand for the toys, market competition, quality research of international standards, etc.

You can sell your ready toys through your website, local wholesale market. If your toys are maintained international standards, you can export around the world.

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3. Tool Manufacturing Business

Nowadays, DIY (Do it yourself) in trends globally. Everyone wants to create and repair all daily use equipment and gadgets by itself.

And different types of tools are required for doing this; many big ecommerce websites experience the growth of sales of the various hand and portable tools.

This manufacturing business idea will be a great business option for our Indian manufacturer. The demand for tools is increasing rapidly, not only in our country rather than worldwide.

Anyone interested to set up a manufacturing unit needs some medium capital approx 15 to 20lakhs. And once your business set, you have an excellent opportunity to increase your income.

4. Automotive Parts Manufacturing-

The automobile parts manufacturing business idea is the most popular idea on the internet. You can quickly start the manufacturing of anyone auto part and market it.

Yes, it is also a medium-scale manufacturing business and requires 5 to 12lakhs to start. And again, it’s a high competition business.

And suppose you want to set up this business. In that case, you need to analyze the market and find the potential auto parts which have a high demand and low competition.

The best way to enter the auto parts market is to focus on the quality of your product and tie-up with the biggest manufacturer in the industry.

With this business idea, you can create a profitable business and help your family financially.

5. Kitchen Utensils Manufacturing-

With the Kitchen Utensils manufacturing idea, a businessman could make anyone kitchen utensils item and create a brand.

There are so many options like fry pans, kettles, cookers, and others. It is also a medium-scale manufacturing business idea.

Your initial investment is consumed for machinery, tools, and raw materials.

This business also has some competition, but if anyone focuses on the specific problem in the kitchen work and solves it with a unique idea, its business’s success chance is exceptionally high.

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6. Electrical Fitting production

The consumption of electrical fittings and goods are very high. Every home, office, and buildings have electricity and electrical equipment.

This manufacturing business requires different licenses and registrations from related government authorities. The business idea is perfect for electrical engineers who know the electrical fittings and equipment market.

To start an electrical fitting and equipment manufacturing unit, you need to invest in medium investment depends on the selected item you want to manufacture.

7. Chemical Production

Here, I not to talk about heavy industrial chemicals manufacturing, talking about general-purpose chemicals. This manufacturing business has a huge potential and some low competition.

The chemical production business needs some medium level capital and govt license and registration to start.

You can produce food preservatives, hair-dye, cloth-dye, paints, home-cleaners, and other related chemicals.

Before starting this business, a person must carefully research the demand and supply chain and require skilled human resources.

A person who has experience in the chemical industry can successfully start and established this high-profit business.

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8. Concrete Block Manufacturing

The manufacturing of concrete blocks is a new and continuous growing production business. These blocks are used in a different type of construction structures.

Highways, flyovers, buildings, and home construction require concrete blocks. Blocks are available in solid and paver types and in a different size.

The primary investment of this business expands on concrete blocks making machine. It will be small and significant as the production of the size of concrete blocks.

9. Storage Tanks, Drums, and Containers

This business requires high capital, but if you plan well and focus on a specific segment can start with medium investment.

Home and office use tanks and container manufacturing is maybe the best way to start. High-quality is the best way to grip the market.

10. Health Supplement Production-

The Health Supplement production business is the fastest growing business. Nowadays, every person is health-conscious, and it’s increasing rapidly.

When you start a health supplement manufacturing business, you must have complete knowledge of related segments.

It’s a huge profit business, and if you consider selling online, your business is growing extremely fast.

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Sum up-

In India, where unemployment is the main problem, doing business can help you and the nation also. Manufacturing business are always gain high profits and a stable company.

But before starting any manufacturing business research, the business potential is essential.

It’s not necessarily, doing business with massive capital. If you gain knowledge about the interesting business, you can reduce most of the expenses.

Here I mention some steps to follow before starting the manufacturing business, it may help you:

  1. Define your interested business niche
  2. Research market of the selected product
  3. Make a complete list of expenses like machine, tools, rent, electricity bills, raw materials, and human resources
  4. All licensing and registration processes, including GST, PAN, etc
  5. Your unique concept or business plan to approach potential customers or markets.

I hope you like this post and helpful to you; if yes, please share it with others.

Thanks for reading!

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