Internet Slang Full Forms List

internet slang full forms

Internet Slang Full Forms List

Internet Slang Full Forms: Internet Slang is most important for everybody in the present time. Internet Slang has multiple acronyms, which are very important to understand for every person.

In this post, we are added complete Internet Slang full forms which can help you.

Internet Slang Full Forms

ASAP As Soon As Possible
BBIAB Be Back In A Bit
BBL/BBS Be Back Later/Soon
BF Boyfriend
BFF Best Friends Forever
BFFL Best Friends for Life
BRB Be Right Back
CYA See You
DS Dear Son
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
FB Facebook
FITBLR Fit bit users who run fitness-related blogs
FLBP Future Lower Back Problems
FML “F-Word” My Life
FTFY Fixed That For You
FTW For the Win
FYI For Your Information
G2G Got to Go
GF Girlfriend
GR8 Great
GTFO Get the “F-Word” Out
HBIC Head B**** in Charge
HML Hit My Line or Hate My Life
HRU How are you?
HTH Hope This Helps
IDK I Don’t Know
IGHT Alright
IMO/IMHO In My Opinion/In My Humble Opinion
IMY I miss you.
IRL In Real Life
ISTG I Swear to God
JK Just Kidding
JMHO Just My Humble Opinion
KTHX OK Thanks
L8R Later
LMAO Laugh My “A-Word” Off
LMFAO Laugh My “F-ing” “A-Word” Off
LMK Let Me Know
LOL Laugh Out Loud
MWF Married White Female/Monday Wednesday Friday
NM Never mind
NOOB Newbie/Newcomer/Amateur
NP No Problem
NSFW Not Safe for Work
OOAK One of a Kind
OFC Of course
OMG Oh My God
ORLY Oh Really?
OTOH On the Other Hand
RN Right Now
ROFL Roll On the Floor Laughing
RUH Are Your Horney
SFW Safe for Work
SOML Story of My Life
SOZ Sorry
STFU Shut the “F-Word” Up
TFTI Thanks for the Invite
TIL Today I Learned
TMI Too Much Information
TTFN Ta-Ta for now
TTYL Talk to You Later
TWSS That’s What She Said
U You
W/ With
WB Welcome Back (also can refer to World Boss)
W/O Without
WYD What You Doing
WTH What the Hell?
WTF What the “F-Word”
WYM What You Mean?
WYSIWYG What You See Is What You Get
Y Why
YMMV Your Mileage May vary
YW You’re Welcome

Although we listed all top Internet Slang full forms, if you don’t found your interested full form in this list, please comment us in the below comment box. We will add it as soon as possible.

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