How to Take Screenshot in iPhone? Complete Steps

Ways to take Screenshots on iPhone

How to Take Screenshot in iPhone? Complete Steps

Do you have an iPhone handset and stuck with how to take screenshot in iPhone? In this post, you will get complete ways to capture the screen of iphone5s, iphone6s, 6, 7, XR, x, 11, 12, and iPhone Plus model.

You may often need to capture the screen for an important document or a web page for the future. Screen capture function on Smartphones can help to do it quickly.

Let’s check the methods,

How to take screenshot in iPhone 12pro max or iPhone 12pro?

Iphone11, Iphone12, iphone12 pro, or iphone12 pro max are the latest Apple smartphone brand model. To take screenshots in the iPhone’s latest model, you have multiple options available.

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These latest models are loaded with face id recognition and a Gesture-Based Navigation system; with this feature, you don’t need the home-button to take screenshots.

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Therefore, here I will describe both methods to take a snapshot of your iPhone screen.

1. Take screenshots on the iPhone without the home button-

You can use this method for the latest iPhone models where you don’t have a home button on the phone. These models have inbuilt Face ID features.

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To take screenshot you need to press the side button and volume button at the same time and release it immediately.

Once you do this, you will listen to a shutter sound, and an image appears on your iPhone screen’s below-left corner.
Now you can save or edit this image by taping on the image or thumbnail.
And if you don’t want this thumbnail, swipe it left to delete it.

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2. Take screenshots with the home-button-

You can use this method when your iPhone model has a Touch ID or a home button on the front of the screen.

Mostly, an old iPhone model has a home button on the front of the phone. Such as iPhone SE 1st and 2nd generation, iPhone 6, 6 Plus, 6s, 6s Plus, iPhone 7, 7 plus, 8, and 8 plus.

To capture a screenshot on an iPhone, you need to press the home-button and side-button at the same time and release it immediately.

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After that, your thumbnail appears on the screen in the left lower corner. Tap on it for edit or sharing, or swipe it left for removal.

3. Take screenshot of full web-page-

When you want to capture a long-sized document or entire web-page, you need to use the Safari browser. You can’t capture full web-page with normal screenshot function.

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The latest IOS has this fantastic feature that allows you to capture an entire web page in one shot on iPhone. This feature is available in the latest ios 13 and 14.

To capture a website page you can open the Safari browser and enter the website link which you want to capture.
Then press the power or side button and volume up button at the same time,
Next tap on the thumbnail appeared on the screen’s bottom left corner.

Here you will see two options to select such as “Screen” and “Full Page” please tap on Full page option to view the entire page screenshot.

If you want to save this image tap on “Done” and select “save as PDF” or for instantly share, tap on “Share” icon, displays on top right corner.

Note: – This feature works in only iPhone x and above models, and only with Safari browser.

4. Take screenshots with Assistive Touch in iPhone 12 or 12mini-

If you have iPhone 12 or 12mini model, you have one another option to take screenshots by only one hand with assistive touch feature.

To enable this function in your iPhone 12 series follow these steps:

Step1. Enable Assistive Touch Feature

To enable assistive touch go to settings -> Accessibility -> Touch -> Assistive Touch, and select. After activation of assistive touch you will see a semi-transparent icon on your phone’s screen.

Step2. Customize Top level menu

To do this tap on the “customize top level menu” and tap on the “Custom Icon” then select the Screenshot from the given list, and Screenshot button will be added in assistive touch menu.

Now, to take screenshot from your iPhone 12 by assistive touch, you need to tap on the Assistive touch icon followed by Screenshot button.

5. Take Screenshot using Siri on iPhone 12-

IPhone 12 users also capture the screenshot without touch the any button or hands-free. It will be possible because of the Siri (an AI assistant).

So, to take a hands-free screenshot on iPhone 12, simply say the “HEY SIRI’ or long-press the power-button.

After that one pop-up appeared below of the screen. Now, ask Siri to take a screenshot by given a voice command “Take Screenshot”.

Your screen will capture soon, and thumbnail image appeared at the bottom left corner to save, edit or share.

How to View Screenshots on iPhone?

Your saved screenshots are stored in Photos app as Screenshot folder. Screenshot album automatically created just like Selfies album. To view your saved screenshots, just open the photos app and tap on the albums tab.

Now, scroll down the menu until you will see the Screenshot folder, tap on it to view your saved screenshots images. You can also get your screenshot images in recent menu of Photos app.

How to share Screenshot images with others?

Simply, tap and hold the captured screenshot preview and share option will open in the front of you. Select your dedicated platform to share your document or image.

Sum up

So, these are the easiest ways to take screenshots on iPhone’s different models. If this post is helpful for you please share with your friends.

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