How to Start a Blog in India – Simple and Easy Guide for Beginners!

Start a Blog in India

How to Start a Blog in India – Simple and Easy Guide for Beginners!

How to start a blog in India-Blogging is the most excellent way of earning money online. So in this post, I will share simple but effective steps that can help you to start a successful blog and make money with your blog in India.

First of all, you can start blogging when you are passionate about writing, and if you are, then you can read more.

Here I don’t tell you massive coding secrets or other technical terms because you don’t need this extensive technical knowledge to start a profitable blog in India.

You can create and grow your blog easily without any technical and coding knowledge because of WordPress.

WordPress is a free content management system (CMS) and a powerful tool to create any type of website without knowledge of coding.

Blogging is so simple only you need to take blogging seriously as your business. And if you give your consistency to this passive income business, this will generate income for you to your whole life.

In India, blogging is more competitive than before 2017, now in 2020, every minute anyone may start a new blog.

And the other side internet users are growing rapidly in India. According to a survey, Indian internet users will be approx 650+ million in 2023.

That means you have great potential, and it is the best time to start a blog and grow your readers effortlessly.

So, as a beginner, you must create your own strategy and focus on your approach to become your blog to a successful blog.

Don’t worry; I will discuss every step with you in this blog post, which can help you to create a successful blog in India.

Ok let’s see,

Start a blog in India and make money with blogging!

Steps for starting a blog in India (short)

Here are the short steps for whom who are some familiar with blogging basics and comfortable to start blogging immediately.

And if you want more knowledge about blogging, you can continue with detailed steps, and I hope this will worth you.

1. Choose a Topic (Niche)

2  Buy a Domain Name & hosting (get a free domain with this best hosting service)

3. Install WordPress and Configure

4. Set a Theme (free)

5. Write excellent posts

7. Promote your post

8. Add Advertisers and earn.

If you are an intermediate user, you can start a blog with these steps as above, and if you are a beginner, you can follow detail steps in below:

How to start a blog in India detail steps to follow

1. Choose a Topic or Niche for Your Blog

Every blog based on a topic (niche). It can be general or a specific topic (micro-niche) like; Health, make money, electronics, and pets, etc. in general topics, and weight loss, make money online, dog’s care, and mobile accessories, etc. are in specific topics.

If your mind stuck with this question, why I choose a niche or specific topic for my blog and why I can’t write anything as I want?

The answer is clear if you start a blog only for your writing passion and you don’t want to monetize it, you can write anything on your blog.

But if you want to set up a blog as your business and want to make money by your blog, you will face competition by other blogs and websites to gaining visitors organically from google.

That’s why you need to choose a niche and make a strategy before you start blogging. Research is the primary key to a successful blogging career online.

To choose a niche, you can research these terms as below:

1. Select a niche that you like so much to read and write.

Blogging is a time-consuming process; it wants consistency, so if you are choosing a niche that not your passion, you are bored after some time and lose your interest to write.

So, it’s much better to choose a niche around your interest.

2. Research competition of your selected niche

Every topic or niche has a competition, and if you want success in blogging, you must analyze your competition and find the loophole and beat your competitor with your unique strategy.

Don’t choose a broad niche like; health, narrow down your topic (niche), and choose a specific topic (micro-niche) like; weight loss ideas for women, etc.

3. Research how profitable your niche

As above I said blogging is the best way to make money online. You need to research your potential earning with the blog.

That helps to motivate you in the journey of blogging.

4. Research your targeted audience

Before starting a blog, you need to understand your audience like their age group, gender, location, etc.

If you consider these things before selecting a niche, your chance will be increased to set a blogging business successfully.

2. Buy a Domain Name & Hosting

How to buy a perfect domain for a blog?

A domain name is your blog identity on the internet. It is the address of your collection of articles, where anyone will come and read your posts.

When you are finding your domain name for your blog, you must consider these essential points in your mind:

Your domain name must be short under 15 characters; it helps people to remember and pronounce easily.

Try to take .com (for global audience) .in (if you want to target Indian audience) extensions if available. And if these extensions are not available, you can consider other extensions like .org, .info, etc.

You can also buy EMD (exact match domains) if your blog is based on a specific niche or topic. The EMD domain names are targeted at a micro-niche blog (basically, it’s a keyword matching domain name).

For example: if you want to create a blog about Dog training and your main keyword is “how to train your dog,” you can buy a domain like

Note: When you are selecting an EMD domain, you need to write high-quality content and to focus around your niche because Google doesn’t like to manipulate the search terms with the keyword in the domain name until they provide high-quality value to readers.

So if you use an EMD domain, don’t think it’s beneficial in ranking till you provide excellent quality content. And yes! It helps visitors to understand what topic of your blog.

To buy your domain name, you can use GoDaddy or Namecheap; these are the best domain name registrar around the world.

How to select the best web hosting plan?

To choose the best web hosting for your blog, you need to understand how hosting works.

Web hosting is a place where your blog files and pages are stored for internet users.

If someone searches any terms in the browser, the search crawlers are finding and get the related pages from your hosting servers and displays to the visitor.

And on the other side, a hosting provider gives you the backend control of your blog, where you can create and arrange the content and optimize your blog for better performance.

Web hostings are available in many different categories for different types of websites and uses.

For example, shared hosting, cloud hosting, dedicated Ip hosting, and dedicated server, etc. To start a blog, you can use shared hosting its affordable and much enough for any type of blog website.

There are so many different web hosting providers are available like Bluehost, HostGator, TMD hosting, Siteground, but I use and recommend Bluehost.

In the last five years, I used Hostgator, TMD, and Bluehost for my different websites, and the Bluehost is my favorite hosting for my need.

Why is Bluehost hosting best for beginners or even every blogger?

As a blogger, you need to do different tasks; you will write the posts, create images, optimize the post for SEO, promotion, and many others.

And you don’t want to technical hurdle in your blogging period.

With Bluehost, you will be relaxed in technical problems, because of Bluehost support service and easy to understand dashboard and Cpanel.

Below some other reasons to choose Bluehost hosting for your blogs:

  1. Get a free domain for 1 year
  2. WordPress recommended Bluehost
  3. 24/7 beginner-friendly customer support
  4. easy to understand Dashboard
  5. 1 click WordPress installation
  6. Fast SSD (solid-state drive) servers
  7. 30 days money-back guarantee
  8. Free SSL certificate

So now, if you feel Bluehost hosting is best for your blog, here are the steps to buy this award-winning web hosting.

Click Here

and get 60% discount on regular price

A new window will be open

Click on get started button

and a new window will open

Select “basic plan” if you are under budget; otherwise, you can select the recommended “choice plus plan.”

With the choice plus plan, you will get unlimited resources, and you don’t need to upgrade your plan in the middle of your blogging period.

In this screen, you can find a free domain name for your blog, and if you want to use your existing domain, you can enter the second block. And click on the “Next” button.

Here you need to fill your complete details, and after recheck carefully, click the “I agree to terms & conditions,” then click on the submit button.

Now, you successfully bought your hosting, and it’s time to install WordPress in your domain.

To set up your blog on your hosting, you need to check your registered email here you will get an email with your dashboard and Cpanel login details from Bluehost.

So you can log in to your Bluehost account with a login ID and password, as you have seen in your email.

After sign in your Bluehost account, you will see a dashboard now click on “create new site.” A new screen will open.

3. Install WordPress and Configure

In this screen, you need to select your domain and uncheck plugins if you don’t need and click the next button.

Within two or three seconds, Bluehost installs WordPress on your domain.

In the next screen, you will get your blog’s login link, user id, and your blog password, first you need to save your id and password in the secure place.

After that, you need to click your blog admin link looks like; or

And BANG!!

Congratulation! Your blog is online.

You will see your blog’s dashboard like this.

Here you need to configure your blog.

These essential settings are compulsory for every WordPress blog before start blogging.

Click on the setting tab in the below-left corner.

  1. Change your time zone in the general setting section.
  2. Select “post-name” in the permalink setting section-
  3. Delete unnecessary plugins
  4. Install “simple revision delete” plugin- this free plugin will help to delete revisions, and your blog and blog’s database will always optimize.
  5. Install the “Loginizer” plugin. It helps you to fight brute force attacks and secure your blog from hackers.

So, now go to the next step

4. Set a Theme

The theme is the first look of your blog. WordPress provides thousands of free themes for different types of websites, and you can choose anyone for your blog.

But before selecting any theme for your blog, you must remember these important points as below:

  • Always select a clean and lightweight theme; you can check any theme’s speed on by entering the theme demo link in the given box.
  • The select theme which is updated regularly
  • If possible use a paid theme for your blog
  • Don’t use the multicolor heavy designed theme for your blog

I use the Sinatra theme for it’s a lightweight and free theme. This theme gives me multiple useful options to optimize my blog for a better user experience.

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5. Write engaging posts

After setup your blog’s looks, you need to consider writing blog posts. First, you need to research keywords competition, traffic, CPC, and ctr also.

You can use Semrush to find low competition and high traffic keywords around your niche.

Write every post for your readers and not for Google. Google loves high-quality content for google users. High-quality content means it is not you need to write heavy technical writing; it means simple, useful, and easy to understand for everyone.

Write many posts as you can and always write useful content around your topic to make become the authority of your blog.

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6. Promote your post

Promotion is the main key to success in any business or blog. Every successful blogger is also an excellent marketer.

So if you want to succeed in the blogging field, you need to learn marketing skills to promote your blog as a business. You don’t need to join a marketing course to learn marketing; only you need to observe around you and use every possible way to promote your blog.

Social media platforms are the best ways for the promotion of any business for almost free. You can use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, tumbler, WhatsApp, and many more others for initial traffic to your blog.

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7. Add Advertiser and earn

When your blog is full enough of content, and you gain some visitors on a daily basis, you can apply for AdSense to display ads in your blog posts. There are multiple other options available to earn money with your blog.

You need to identify them according to your niche and promote from your blog.

Sum Up- to sum up; I want to say blogging in India is so easy if you understand these blogging terms. So many other bloggers are earning thousands of dollars monthly by blogging from India.

If they can, you also do.

Don’t overthink

Take action; take your first step to success,

So if you get this post is helpful to understand how to start a blog in India and scale up easily please share this post with others, and if you have any question about blogging, please comment below.

Affiliate Disclaimer: “I used some affiliate links in this post, that means if you buy any product or service from my affiliate links, I’ll get a commission, and you will get an amazing deal without any extra cost. This will win-win situation for both.
I recommend only those products or services which I use personally and got its useful for others”.

Happy Blogging!!

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