How to Get CIF Number of SBI Account? A Comprehensive Guide!

SBI CIF Number

How to Get CIF Number of SBI Account? A Comprehensive Guide!

How to Get CIF Number of SBI – If you are a customer of the State Bank of India and don’t remember your SBI account CIF number. This post will describe all online, offline, app, and other ways to get the SBI CIF number easily.

State Bank of India is the biggest and the most popular nationalized bank in India. It has several branches around India to provide different financial products and services to its customers. Almost every Indian holds atleast one bank account in SBI.

What is CIF Number?

CIF number is a unique computerized file number to allot each new account holder. This file holds the bank account holder’s personal and transactional information to retrieve from anywhere.

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It also recognizes specific account holder information from millions of other account holders in the bank database.

When a new account opens in SBI, the bank allotted a unique identification number to the customer called Customer Information File (CIF). It’s a unique 11 digit number and stores customer or account holder personal information and every transaction or service of a customer in digital format.

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Your bank statement, transactions, account types, account balances, loan details, etc., can be retrieved easily by the bank because of the CIF number. Every account holder has a unique CIF number.

Most of the time, you don’t need to know your CIF number to use banking services. But in any condition you want to know your CIF number, there are so many ways to get it.

Here I will describe every method to check your CIF number with different resources.

5 Easy Ways to Check CIF Number in SBI Account Including Offline & Online-

As I said above, there are multiple ways to check your SBI account CIF number; below, and you will get all the simple methods to follow.

Get your SBI CIF Number Offline-

1. Get CIF on Passbook:

You can find your SBI account CIF number on your Passbook. When you open an account in the State Bank of India, they were given you a passbook with an ATM card and checkbook.

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On your SBI account passbook, you can see your photo, address, account number, and CIF number on the first page.

2. Check Your CIF on Checkbook:

If you are not found your CIF number on your Passbook, you can also check your checkbook. Every checkbook issued by the SBI with printed customer bank account information on the checkbook’s first page.

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Here you will see your unique CIF number with your other account info.

3. Get CIF by Calling on Toll-Free Number:

One way to get your CIF number offline is to personally visit your branch and get your CIF number by providing your bank account number.

Or you can call on the SBI customer care toll-free no. and ask your CIF by given your account details.

These are SBI Toll-Free Numbers:




Check Your CIF Number Online-

SBI provides different financial services like savings/Current Bank accounts, Housing/Personal/ Business loans, Investment plans, and Insurance plans offline and online.

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Net banking is the latest and best way to get any service from SBI. You can use the bank’s ‘SBI Anywhere App’ or official website to get a CIF number without a Passbook or checkbook.

1. Check CIF from SBI Anywhere App:

If you are using a smartphone, you can download the SBI official app from Google Play Store. After signup on SBI Anywhere App with your email ID and Mobile number, you need to log in to your account.

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Once you are on the homepage of the SBI app, tap on the “Services” tab.

Now, tap on the “Online Nomination” tab in the services section. You will see the ‘Transaction Accounts’ tab and select the saving/current account number you want to check on this page.

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Here you will see your CIF number.

2. Check CIF Number by Net Banking:

You can also use your Laptop or Desktop to get the CIF number of your SBI account by visiting the SBI official website.

To do this, you need to open on your browser.

After login into your online SBI account, you need to click on the Statement option and fill in here start and end date.

Then select the ‘view’ option and click on the ‘GO’ button.

Next, your account statement will appear on your screen, including your MICR code, account number, IFSC code, and CIF Number. You can print it or capture the screen for future use.

You can also check your CIF in your Pan & Nomination Details.

For this, you can click on the “Account Summary” section of your account home page.

Then click on the Nomination & PAN Details to get your CIF details in front of your screen.

How to Get CIF Number of SBI by SMS?

To get the SBI CIF number by sms, you need to send a request for e-statement by sms from your registered mobile number. In reply, the bank will send you an e-statement of your account in PDF format.

You can click on it, and you will see your e-statement, including your CIF number and other account details.

Sum up

So, those are the easiest ways you can use to check your SBI CIF number online or offline. I hope this will help your query. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to ask in the comment box below.

I’ll try to solve your query as soon as possible.

Thanks for reading!!

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