How to Check Central Bank of India CIF Number Offline and Online?

Check Central Bank of India CIF Number: CBI is the oldest nationalized bank in India. And if you are a proud account holder of this respected bank and don’t know how to get your CBI (Central Bank of India) CIF number. This post will describe where and how you can find your CBI CIF number without any difficulty.

About Central Bank of India

As I said above, the Central Bank of India is the largest and oldest nationalized bank in India. Bank provides different financial and banking services in pan India. This Government-owned bank offers Saving Accounts, Current Accounts, Fixed Deposits, Personal, Housing, Business loans, and other banking services online and offline.

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What is CIF Number?

The CBI CIF number or Customer Information File number is an 11 digits unique database file number. This number assigned to each customer on the time of account opening. Each file holds the complete information of a specific account holder.

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This number also helps bank employees find any customer account transactions, account balance, loan repayments, and other bank’s internal requirements.

When is the CIF number required?

Although, you don’t need to remember your CBI CIF number to use most banking services. But in some cases, banks will ask for your CIF information, mainly when you want to use Internet Banking or transfer the amount to another bank.

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So, if you want to get your CBI CIF number, the bank provides different online and offline ways to check it.

Let’s check,

How to Find Central Bank of India CIF Number Easily

Online Ways to Know CBI CIF Number:

1. Cent-mPassbook Mobile App

Every person has a mobile or smartphone, and you can use your mobile phone to find your Central Bank of India CIF number.

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To do this, you need to download the CBI official app called Cent-mPassbook app on your mobile. After installing the app, first, register yourself on the app and then sign in with your login ID and password.

Once you are on the app’s home screen, tap on the ‘Menu’ and then tap on the ‘User Profile’ option. And your CBI CIF number displays on your mobile screen.

2. Internet Banking

In the online method, you can also use an Internet banking facility to find your CBI CIF number.

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To use net banking you can visit this link and log in with your login details.

When you are on the CBI home page, you will see your CBI CIF number beside your name.

Offline Ways to Know CBI CIF Number:

1. Checkbook

You can also find the CIF number on your cheque book’s first page. The bank issued every checkbook with a printed CIF number on the front page.

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2. Passbook

Passbook is also a trusted document provided by the bank; here your transaction details are printed. Along with this, you can also get your CBI CIF number on the first page of the passbook.

3. Account Statement

Your Central Bank of India account CIF number also visible on your bank account statement.

4. Customer Care

Central Bank of India is a biggest bank in India, and its customer base is enormous. So, the bank has a toll-free number to solve any query by customer care executives’ help.

You can use this feature to know your CIF number of CBI account. Call on this customer care number (1800221911) and give your account details as they ask.

After verification of ownership of an account, CC Executive tells your CBI CIF number.

Sum up

So, these are the different ways where you can find and get your CBI CIF number easily. I wish this post was helpful to solve your query about the CIF of CBI.