How to Use Gmail Strikethrough? A Comprehensive Guide for Gmail Users!

how to use strikethrough in gmail

How to Use Gmail Strikethrough? A Comprehensive Guide for Gmail Users!

Gmail Strikethrough: Sending an email is a tricky one, and using the correct format of the document in an email is essential. Formatted text is also a significant part of writing on the internet. 

Not only can it alter the way your content appears, but it may also make your document much more readable and approachable.

Individuals are drawn to clarity and use different formats to produce better text to ensure individuals read it. That’s why knowledge of basic text formatting is essential for anybody.

The Way to Strikethrough Text in Gmail, Including Additional Tricks

This post will cover text editing in Gmail, like how to strike through text, how to bold and highlight it. Besides, it will cover other usability tips, like the way to unsubscribe unwanted promotional emails and set up a preview style in your Gmail.

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Way to Use Gmail Strikethrough Text

The current version of Gmail may not provide a strikethrough feature for all till now. However, you may not require all the time, this format to send emails. But in some cases, you need to use strike through for a better explanation.

So what’s the way to use strikethrough?

To acquire strikethrough text into your Gmail, you must format your text in Docs or MS word and then cut and paste it into Gmail. To accomplish this, follow the steps below-

  • Log into Google Drive.
  • Please open a new document and type your text.
  • Choose the text that you would like to strike through.
  • Select the “Format” and “Strikethrough.” And copy the text.
  • Open your Gmail and click on the “+” compose button and paste the text on it.

This procedure is somewhat complicated, but it will get the work done. But when you want to send email in plain text only format, your strikethrough text is visible in plain form.

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And to re-enable Rich-text format emails, you need to follow these instructions below:

  1. Open your Gmail account and click on the “+” compose button.
  2. Now, click on the three dots in the lower right corner.
  3. And if there is a tick on the “Plain Text Mode,” then “click” on it, and Rich Text Mode will enable instantly.
  4. Try again, and strikethrough should enable.

Now you have allowed Rich Text. You’ve got many other formatting choices right within Gmail.

Using Bold Text in Gmail

Bold text makes any document or content stand out. Whether you want to draw attention to a specific word or term, the bold text function is a valuable tool to achieve this.

To do this:

Open your Gmail account and click on the “+” compose button.

In the new email window, type your text and select the text you want to be bold and then “click” on the “B” in the lower toolbar, and your selected text will be bold. You can also use a shortcut to bold your selected text by pressing Ctrl + B if you’re a window user or press Cmd + B when you use Mac.

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Highlight the text in Gmail

Highlighting is mostly used in the email of a workplace environment, and its impact is similar as bold text. Highlighted texts are helpful to understand the whole document topic to the reader.

To use the highlight feature in Gmail, follow these steps:

Open your Gmail account, and click on the “+” compose button.

Write your text in the email window, and then select the text you want to highlight.

Now, click on the underlined “A” button in the below toolbar, you will see a popup with a two-color setting window.

The first one is for highlighting text background and the right side window is for changing text color.

So select any one color to highlight your text from the left side window palette.

For Quick Unsubscribe

Marketing or promotion emails are the most significant problem creators in Gmail. If a spam email gets past Gmail’s spam filter or subscribed to an email and no longer needs it, you can search for an unsubscribe option at the bottom of the email. Gmail recognizes how aggravating it can be to receive spam regularly, so it’s rendered unsubscribing as easy as possible.

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Open the Gmail account.

At the very top, click the grey “Unsubscribe” icon next to the sender’s name. When the popup appears, press Unsubscribe and Gmail will unsubscribe you automatically.

Although some marketing emails are simple to unsubscribe from, others tend to hide the unsubscribe button, so it’s challenging to locate. That’s an easy way to get around it.

Some obnoxious business people have figured out how to get around unsubscription laws. Click on “Spam” to make sure you never see an email again. A popup will ask you if you want to report it as junk or unsubscribe and report it as junk.

Select the second option to ensure that Gmail does not show you among these emails again. However, use this option with caution because it can damage a sender’s credibility.

Shortcuts on the Keyboard

Gmail does an excellent function of assisting you in managing your inbox, and it’s still making improvements to enable you to do more. Keyboard shortcuts, which aren’t allowed by default, are among the most useful aspects of Gmail. Follow these measures to turn them on:

Open Gmail and then select the right-hand settings cog button.

Scroll down to “Keyboard shortcuts” under “Settings.”

Toggle the “Keyboard shortcuts” option “on.”

You can now access almost every Gmail feature using just your keyboard; some of the most useful shortcuts are” than “I,” which takes you to your inbox. “C” will bring up a window where you can type in a new email address. You will use the letter “E” to record an email. The letter “k” will go up and down between emails.

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Gmail will now have a strikethrough button in its formatting bar, according to Google. Undo/Redo options are also being added, as well as the ability to receive emails. EML files are a type of text file.

If you’ve ever wanted to use strikethrough in an email to show that you removed something, now is your chance. Who hasn’t wished for the ability to view, undo, and redo buttons in Gmail because they keep missing the keyboard shortcuts?

The new features are currently being rolled out to all G Suite Package users and available within the next three days. Other Gmail users with a free subscription can see these shortly as well.

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