General Full Forms List

general full forms

General Full Forms List

General Full Forms: General acronyms and its full forms are those used by people in their daily lives. It would be in any term or related field. In this post, we’re trying to list the most popular general full forms which can be helpful to you.

There would be lots of acronyms and their full forms that you need to know for sounding general. So, in the below list, we are listed top general full forms you can check.

General Full Forms

AcronymFull Form
APJ Abdul KalamAvul Pakir Jainulabdeen Abdul Kalam
ASAPAs Soon As Possible
CCTVClosed Circuit Television
CFLCompact fluorescent lamp
COOChief Operating Officer
DNADeoxyribonucleic Acid
DNSDomain Name System
DOSDisk Operating System
DSLRDigital single-lens reflex
DSPDeputy Superintendent of Police
FAQFrequently Asked Question
F.O.RFreight on Road
GPRSGeneral Packet Radio Service
IPLIndian Premier League
ISROIndian Space Research Organization
KYCKnow Your Customer
NCRNational Capital Region
PHPotential of Hydrogen
PVCPoly Vinyl Chloride
RDXResearch Department Explosive / Royal Demolition Explosive
RPMRevolutions Per Minute
RSVPRepondez s’il vous plait
SDMSub Divisional Magistrate
SHOStation House Officer
SITSpecial Investigation Team
SSBService Selection Board
TDSTax Deducted at Source
VISACharta visa, lit in Latin

Well, these are some top Finance related full forms, and we hope you like them. You can also find other general full forms in our A to Z full forms list, and if you don’t found your interested full form in the list, tell us in the below comment box, with the acronym and its full form.

We will add it as soon as possible. And if you got this post helpful, please share it with other needy people on your social media accounts. We are thankful to you.

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