Complete Details of Medical Transcription Course, Fees, Syllabus, Eligibility and Institutes

Medical Transcription Course

Complete Details of Medical Transcription Course, Fees, Syllabus, Eligibility and Institutes

Are you passing out 12th standard and searching for a valuable short term course in the medical industry? If yes, the Medical Transcription course would be a better selection for you.

In this post, I will tell you complete Information of MT course like course duration, fees structure, job opportunity, eligibility, and also legit institutes to do this course and make a career as Medical Transcriptionist.

What is Medical Transcription?

To understand Medical transcription, first, you need to understand what the transcription is?

Transcription is the type of converting process, in this work, a person convert a file to another file format. Like; a recorded audio file converted in the text file or word file.

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Same in Medical transcription, a person listen to the audio file provided by the medical sectors, like hospitals, doctors, medical professionals, etc., and type the listened content in the word document.

Basically, these audio files are a recorded conversation between the doctors and other medical professionals during the treatment and operations of any patient.

It is a valuable document for medical industries because it’s helping other doctors or medical professionals to understand treatment process and medicines in the similar illness or medical conditions.

And the other side it may use as legal documents, for claiming insurance or any allegation of medical negligence on doctors or medical professionals.

In the US and other western countries are makes it compulsory for a long time before. Every hospital and medical institutions are maintaining these records in these countries.

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They transcribe these audio files outsourced from Philippines, Pakistan, and India from a decade. In India, Medical Transcription is a fast-growing profession because of many countries outsourced transcription work from India and its increasing.

A transcriptionist is comfortable with medical terminology, an excellent typist and having a good command of American English. There are so many institutes that can provide Medical Transcription Course and trained students for this profession.

What is Medical Transcription Course?

Medical Transcription course are based on enhancing skills of shorthand typing, medical terminology, American accent English speaking and understanding to typing, etc.

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In this course syllabus, students will learn different skills as listed below:

Medical Terminology:

Students will learn about medical treatments, human body structure and different disease, medical tools and equipment, and medicines etc.

Computer typing & shortcuts:

Candidates will also learn techniques of fast and accurate typing skills without making errors. The course will make familiar of windows shortcuts like; CTR+A (Select all) CTR+X (Cut), CTR+C (Copy), CTR+V (Paste) etc. and also use of word processing software like MS Word.

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Communication Skills:

Third and essential skills, good command of English (American accent) will also include in this course. Carefully learning and typing with correction of grammar, and converting professional medical notes into the detailed report are also included in the syllabus.

After completion of this course, students will be capable of working as transcriptionist according to medical transcription standards by online or offline.

Eligibility of MT Course:

To pursue a Medical Transcription course, candidates need to pass 12th standard from a recognized board.

Duration of Medical Transcription Program:

Course duration is between 4months to 18months; mostly, it’s a 6-month course in many institutes.

Course fees structure:

Fees depend on institutes popularity and infrastructure, for an average this course will cost you Rs. 9, 000 to Rs. 20, 000 approx for 6months course duration.


A certificate will be issued after completing 40 hours of working in any hospital, old age homes or under the Doctors.

Online Course:

These MT courses are also available on online or distance learning platforms which are beneficial for homemakers and female students when they are not comfortable to visit the institutes.

I listed here some online course offering websites you can check also.

Job & Career Opportunity:

MT certificate holders have an excellent career opportunity in the medical transcription field. As a medical transcriptionist, you can start home based work. Transcription companies offer remotely work option mostly.

You can also apply for a regular job in many Pharmaceutical companies, Hospitals, Old age homes, and Doctor’s offices etc.

MT Professionals Salary in India:

A salary of a medical transcriptionist depends on the experience of candidates, as fresher candidate may get rs.9000 per month. After 2 to 3 years of experience, candidates can get a much higher salary.

Here are job role and experience levels of MT and estimated salary-

Medical Transcriptionist – 0/2yrs – Rs.2 to 6 Lacs Per year

Medical Summarizer – 1/3 yrs – Rs.2.5-3.5 Lacs Per year

Sr. Representative Medical Transcriptionist – 2 to 7 yrs – Rs 3-8 Lacs Per year

Medical Transcription Companies:

Some MT companies offer a free course in the agreement of working with that company.

  • Focus Infosys
  • Acusis India –
  • Mediscribe India Ltd
  • ScribeTech (E-Health)
  • SPI Technology –
  • Spheris, Bangalore
  • C-Bay-Med Quest

MT Course Provider Colleges and Institutes:

There are so many private institutes in India, which offers short term course. But I recommended, please be careful and try to pursue the course from any well known MT school/institute.

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Here are some Institutes-

  • American Academy of Medical Transcription, New Delhi
  • Apex Network Ltd, New Delhi
  • Atari Institute of Medical Transcription, New Delhi
  • Zero Error Med- Transcription (ZEMT), Noida
  • Dr Zakir Hussain Institute of Medical Transcription, Meerut
  • Ancient Global Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Chandigarh
  • Imperial Institute of Management, Andheri West, Mumbai
  • Parul University, Vadodara
  • Sharp Hearing Technologies, Pune
  • Burr-Brown (India) Ltd, New Delhi
  • DIMT, South Delhi
  • Academy of Medical Transcription, New Delhi
  • Alliance Commet Ltd, New Delhi
  • Heart land India, Hartline India Training Division, New Delhi
  • Indian Institute of Medical Transcription, New Delhi
  • Indo-American Academy of Medical Transcription, New Delhi
  • Indo-American Academy of Medical Transcription, New Delhi
  • ITES, Medical Transcription Knowledge Center, New Delhi
  • KITCO, New Delhi
  • Medical Transcription Education Center, New Delhi
  • Pan-America institute of Medical Transcription, New Delhi
  • Wintel institute of Medical Transcription (WIMT), New Delhi
  • Delta School of Medical Transcription, Solan
  • ICME- Infocus Rx Center for Medical Excellence, Hyderabad
  • Nazareth Institute of Management and Technology (NIMAT), Aizwal
  • Arown Academy, Thrissur
  • Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

Final thoughts:

That’s the full information of Medical transcription courses, duration, fees, institutes and job opportunities etc. I hope it can help you to decide.

And also this career is not for all, so analyze your capability carefully before joining any institute for the course.

Finally, it’s an excellent profession, and if you freelance your service, you can set a home-based income source and earn much more compared to the job.

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