10 Best Money Earning Apps in India

Money Earning Apps in India

10 Best Money Earning Apps in India – 2022

Best Money Earning Apps in India – If you have a smartphone, you can earn money online in your spare time. There are lots of android apps that offer earning opportunities for their users. These money-earning apps provide various tasks and ways to earn real cash without any investment.

So if you want to earn extra money with your mobile phone, you will see all the best money-earning apps in India, which you can download from Google Play Store and make money for simple tasks.

Although not all money-earning apps give you any money for your strenuous efforts, some provide you with the penny, which is not sufficient for your hard work. So, it would be best if you did your research about any app before joining.

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This post will show you only those apps you can join without any risk and earn some valuable money easily. And also, always keep in mind that these earnings are not set for your business and can’t bear your expenses, so take these as your part-time extra income and focus on learning skills like blogging, digital marketing, logo making, and lots of others.

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Now let’s check,

Top Money Earning Apps in India Who Pays Genuine Money!

1. Google Pay App

Google Pay is a Google-developed digital wallet and online payment app that makes it easy for you to make transactions. Wherever your Google account is signed in for immediate purchases, it automatically syncs your saved credit/debit cards. It will import tickets, loyalty cards, and deals from the Gmail account.

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Google pay has a referral program for a limited time which you can use to earn some extra cash. To earn money by google pay, you can download the app from the link above, register yourself, and attach your bank account.

Once you successfully link your bank account, find your personal referral link and share it with your friends and family and earn referral income.

Download Google Pay from here.

2. Meesho App

You can earn money on WhatsApp and Facebook with Meesho by selling fashion and lifestyle items. You see a vast range of premium goods purchased from the best suppliers in the company the moment you open the app.

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There are several websites for online resellers, and one of them is Meesho. The application is a secure one. Here you can set your reselling business without any investment and earn a stable amount from your home or refer the app to others and make money by referring.

  • Open the app and go to your account.
  • Tap on the “Refer and Earn” tab and copy your personal referral code.
  • Share your link with your friends, groups, family on WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other online platforms.

3. Paybox App

Paybox is one of the best apps in India to make money with apps. To earn real-time paytm cashback money, you can use this app. This app is a simple web application that enables you, after successful registration, to make money.

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You can also gain more cash on the app by doing things. You can redeem the money you have received or withdraw it into the wallet of Paytm.

Such things that you can use from the app to make money are:

  1. Up to Rs.5 for play Games per Day
  2. Win Rs.25 for 100 days daily account login.
  3. Rs.50 for Guess Correctly
  4. Post a Survey for Rs.5 (after approval)
  5. Paid surveys of up to Rs.50 per month
  6. Up to Rs.50 Lucky Vouchers per Month etc.

How to Receive Rs. 100 Cashback from Paytm?

Click the above page, navigate to sign up, and then click on it. Build an account with them after that, using your correct data.

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You have been credited with free Rs. 100, now verify your phone number and then check your Paybox account.

You can withdraw this money to your Paytm account, so you need to raise at least Rs. 30 extra to make it Rs. 140.

4. Moocash App

This app does just what it’s supposed to do. It offers you fun while rewarding you for it. Do you need an app that provides you with links to movie and game websites, as well as a variety of other items, in exchange for a reward? In India, you can make money by entertaining your audience while using Moo cash.

With this app, you’ll be able to win iTunes and Amazon gift cards as incentives for completing tasks. Besides, you can use this app to test new web applications and make money. PayPal, Payoneer, or Bitcoin may be used as a payment form.

Do you know how to make money from Moocash?

  • Do the following to earn money:
  • Use the link above to download the app.
  • Sign up for an account.
  • Perform the tasks specified to earn.
  • Get paid for Watching Videos
  • Fill online surveys
  • Try free apps and earn
  • Play games, and much more.

You can use the following strategies to get your money in your bank account:

You can withdraw your earnings by PayPal, Payoneer, Bitcoin (Blockchain). You can also get free gift cards for shopping in Flipkart, Amazon, and other ecommerce sites. You are eligible to cash out once you have earned 3000 coins.

5. Fiver App

If you want to earn real cash, you need to learn any skill like document converting, data entry, web designing, logo designing, voice-over, translation, and lots of others. And if you have one, you can earn lots of money by doing the simple task and earn in dollars.

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You can download the Fiverr app from the app store or Google Play Store and create a seller account and sell a specific service by creating a GIG. Fiverr is a trusted freelancing site and provides various services for a minimum of $5 and above. Here you don’t need to invest any amount in starting, and you can withdraw your earnings in PayPal.

Download Fiverr App

6. Canva App

Canva is a free designing tool. This app gives you stable earning opportunities by design any image and media without any technical knowledge. Bloggers, web designers, Brands, companies, and so many digital marketers need multiple images, logos, thumbnails, and graphic designs and pay well for these.

You can start earning with this app by creating some images or logos for your local businesses and friends. And when you are perfect, you can also register yourself on freelancing websites and provide your services globally. Even with its referral program, you can promote this app with your friends and on social media to earn extra income by referring.

All your earnings you can withdraw in your bank account by PayPal.

Download Canva App

7. PayZapp

PayZapp HDFC Bank, a complete payment solution, gives you the power to pay with only one touch. With PayZapp, you can purchase at partner apps on your smartphone, purchase movie tickets, grocery stores, compare and book flight tickets and lodging, buy online and get amazing Smart Buy discounts. Also, transfer money to everyone in your phone contacts or your bank account, bill payment, recharge your mobile, DTH and internet, and far more.

You can connect any bank’s debit and credit card to PayZapp and enjoy the safest and convenient payment form.

Make sure you enter the correct account information by installing PayZapp and registering. Have your personal information confirmed and your account verified. You’ll get Rs 25 cashback once it is checked. Now continue and make a minimum of Rs 70 transactions and get Rs 50 cashback.

8. 4FUN App

4fun is among the applications you can use in India to earn actual money. Then consider using 4fun if you are searching for a way to earn money online easily. One user downloads the app and establishes a new profile with a new number. Then anyone can get Rs. 100 paytm immediate cash, which you can withdrawal to your bank account instantly. You will also be used to pay for free charges, bill payments, fare booking, travel, etc.

How to Get Rs. 50 on 4Fun App Cashback

4fun is among the applications you can use in India to earn actual money. Then consider using 4fun if you are searching for a way to earn money online easily. One user downloads the app and establishes a new profile with a new number.

How to Get Rs. 50 on 4Fun App Cashback

Register via the connection above for the app. Using Gmail, sign up form for Facebook account.

Go ahead and check your cell phone number now.

You can withdraw funds whenever you want, login, and receive Rs. 50 instantly.

Note that, with refer and receive scheme, you can make more cash. Using your referral connection or referral code, get your family and friends to register. You can gain Rs. 6 upon successful enrollment.

Your account will be rewarded with Rs. 6 by uploading videos on the 4fun App.

By using the 4fun app, making money by installing android applications is genuine. Don’t forget that you can raise a lot and use it to pay your bills.

9. Phonepe App

With this app, you can earn as much as Rs 1000 per transaction as one of the most straightforward applications to use and make money online in India. Until they have been downloaded and an account has been established. You can obtain a credit of Rs.100 that can be credited to your bank account.

By its referred and earn scheme, you will make more money on the Phonepe app. Give people an invitation to come and download the app.  Attach a bank transfer scheme as the user purchases the app. Rs.100 can be attributed to him or her.

Hint: Via referral connect, download your app. Make sure you are using your current phone number and connect it to your Phonepe account with new account info.

10. Textbook App

The name of this app sounds so humorous, but if you want to gain money by installing Android apps? You can then consider the use of textbooks. Just as the name sounds, this app is used for exam planning.

How can I use the Textbook App to make money?

It’s easy to make money with the textbook app; you can earn a lot of cash using their comparison and win service. To download the app, invite your friends. Make sure they have your connection for referrals. Each when your friends buy a course, you have the possibility of winning Rs 5 and 20 percent (Those people that registered through your link).

How to Quickly Earn Rs 5?

Download and install the app, set all authorizations to be approved, register with your phone number, and add the referral code.

Wait before they give you an OTP for authentication, and then check your account. Browse to your dashboard and type your wallet number for payment. Validate it with the OTP now.

Switch back to earning and type the code for the referral. Go to MENU>Complete your Profile>Click on the Refer Option after verification and share your Referral Link/Code with your mates. You will now receive Rs 5 on your paytm account and receive 20% of every purchase made by your mates.

Which is the best app for earning money in India?

In my opinion, Canva and Fiverr apps are maybe the best apps to earn real cash for students, homemakers, and senior citizens. These apps allow you to make regular income by providing some genuine service for online entrepreneurs and small businesses. You can visit the app and find suitable work in thousands of services you have a skill or learn quickly.

These apps are free to start your journey. You can also earn money by referring these apps to others, and your personal referral code will provide after you create an account on these apps.

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