10 Best Computer Courses after 12th to Getting Online/Offline Jobs

computer courses after 12th

10 Best Computer Courses after 12th to Getting Online/Offline Jobs

Now in 2022, all prospects of business and jobs are getting change because of the covid-19 epidemic. Home-based jobs and projects are experiencing a boom in nowadays.

These changes are continually in progress for a decade, but the covid-19 epidemic accelerates the process.It’s not a secret; almost all computer professionals feel financially safe and secure than others because of online culture in the job industries. The IT sector is continuously growing, and more businesses depend on it.

In the present time, every business wants its presence on the internet to get more opportunities. And to achieve this, they need web developers, content creators, seo experts, data entry operators, graphic designers, data analysts, etc.

According to Nasscom’s survey, the IT market touched the approx $350billion turnover in near 2025.

In India, the information technology sector will also take this advantage and produce more jobs and computer professionals opportunities.

Students who just completed their 12th standard and are interested in making a career in the IT sector can choose one of the multiple short and long-term computer courses.

Most of the computer courses are 3moths to 2years duration based. Course duration depends on course material and the complexity of the work. Some long- term courses are the combination of short- term courses as per real-world requirements.

Here I will list some job oriented computer courses which are in high demand and can help you with a good start. These listed courses are comfortable for all science, commerce, and art students and give you additional knowledge and skills to beat any competition and hurdle in your career path.

And the most important thing you need to carefully analyze your Institute or computer center, and make sure it is certified and authorized by related authority.

So, let’s dive in the

Top 10 Job Oriented Computer Courses After 12th

 1. Data Entry Operator Course

This is the best course to develop typing and data entry skills in students. Any student who completed secondary education can join this course and work in any company as a data entry operator.
It is an elementary course and comfortable for all stream students. The course duration is 6 months, and after the successful completion of this course, students will get a certificate from the Institute.

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2. Tally

If you are interested in accounting, Tally is the best computer course for you. It is the most reliable accounting software for any type of business.

In this course, students will become familiar with this software and learn every feature and benefit of the Tally.

Tally ERP9 is the latest version of the software, so make sure the course is updated in the latest version.

After completing this course, you can apply to any private or public sector company’s accounting departments.

3. MS Office Certificate Course

Every computer or laptop is almost useless without Microsoft Office. MS Office software is a bunch of other essential software and tools like MS Word, PowerPoint, Picture Manager, Excel, etc.

The course is 3 to 6 months long and covers all features and user guide of this software. Students learn to text and data-related official works with the help of this powerful software under the course.

When you completed the MS Office course, you can apply for an official job in any company and institution.

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4. Web Designing course

Web designing or web development is a highly demanding profession at this time. Every small- medium and large business is on the internet, and if one does not, they want to be.

Web Designing course can be 6months to 1year long duration. A 12th passed student can study this course. In this course, students will explore how to design or develop a website with coding and programming.

After successfully completing the course, you have many job opportunities and freelance options available for you. An independent web designer can be charge from Rs.5, 000 to Rs.50, 000 for design or develop a website.

5. Animation & VFX Course

Students who love games and special effects in animated movies can become an animation and VFX experts. It’s also a vast potential field for 12th standard pass out candidates.

TV commercials, Cartoon shows, Movies, Games, and many other visuals are based on animation & VFX, and it’s growing.

Students can join the animation & VFX course after 12th education and get specialization in this course. The course duration is between 6months to 2years.

There are so many career options available for animation and VFX professionals as example: you can become a film animation expert, visual expert professional, and VFX expert, etc.

6. Graphics Designing Course

It is one of the most popular professions in India. Graphics are everywhere; we are surrounded by graphic designs. The graphic designing course is a set of different information on tools used to design an element. In this course, students also learn about different Fonts, colors, formations, shapes, etc.

This course is comfortable for creative and arts background students, although any individual can pursue the program. The course is 6months to 1year duration-based, and 12th students are eligible for this course.

After successfully completing the course, students can design a logo, visiting cards, broachers, flyers, presentations, book covers, and anything you want to create on the computer.

As a job opportunity, you can apply any ad agency, publishing house, print media, or start as a freelancer on Fiverr, Upwork, and 99Designs websites.

I suggest, explore and masters to design anyone graphic designing; for example, if you are an expert in logo designing, join different freelancing sites and give logo designing service on these platforms, and you can set a business with only one service.

You can freelance your service with your present job, and when you earn sufficient money by this, you can transfer full-time options.
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7. Digital Marketing Course

A digital marketing course is a complete online marketing course. In this course, students will explore and master all methods to market any business on the Internet.

The course covered Social Media Marketing (SMM), Email Marketing, Brand Management, Search Engine Optimizations (SEO), Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Content Marketing, and Mobile Marketing, etc.

This course will be helpful and necessary for every person who plans to start any business type or want a job online. 12th students can join this course and make a career in the online marketing field.

They have so many different job options after completing the course like they become a digital marketing expert/professional, SEO expert, content writer, mobile marketing professional, etc.

I want to mention here, join only a highly rated and verified digital marketing course and make sure it is updated from time to time because the Internet and all online platforms are upgraded and modify their strategy and algorithms. You need to always head over.

8. CADD (Computer-Aided Design & Drafting)

It’s a basically engineering-related course, most of the use of this program in making architecture and other engineering designs. There are certificate and diploma course available. The certificate course duration is 6months, and a diploma course is 1year.

12th standard qualified students with an engineering or technical background can pursue the course. CAD Course covers all related software like Auto CAD, Infra Works, and Fusion 360 and planning and designing.

9. Hardware and Networking courses

Hardware and Networking course is also the most popular course in India. And it is job oriented, and 10th and 12th students can do this course and set their career in repairing and networking fields.

The course is structured with complete details of computer hardware components information, repairing/ maintenance of the system, and in networking LAN, CCNA, DTP, etc.

After completing this course, students can repair all types of computers and their components like CPU, Printer, Mouse, and MotherBoard, etc.

Trained candidates have two option either they can apply for a job in any related company for the position as Hardware & Networking Executive or Computer Service Technician or can start their own computer repairing and components shop.

With some experience running a repairing shop, a person can easily earn 1.5 lacs or more per month.

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10. Cybersecurity course

Cyber Security is most essential on the internet because of continually increasing online financial transactions. Nowadays, online theft, cyber-attacks, and ransomware are typically online, so cybersecurity is mandatory to secure internet users’ online activities.

The Cyber Security course teaches the students how to identify online threats, cyber-attacks, and secure online transactions through different techniques.

Mostly, ecommerce websites and app owners need excellent cybersecurity experts to prevent their users’ transactions and sensitive information.

The job opportunity is high, and the companies’ salary is much higher for cybersecurity professionals.

11. Software Development & Programming Language Course

When we talk about computers; Software and Programming languages are the central nervous system of that. Software developers are always in high demand to develop new software, apps, and websites and its features & functions.

As a software development professional, you need to know different programming languages like; .NET, JAVA, C++, and others.

In this course, you will learn all methods and latest coding techniques to develop software and other internet assets with different forms like; Unity, Android, Hadoop, JavaScript, IOS, etc.


All the above-listed computer courses are job oriented and full of the scope of career. You need to confirm the Institute’s reputation, placement records, and fee structure before finalizing it.

Online course options are also available, some online course platforms like Udemy, SkillShare, etc. offer different short-term computer courses at a different level.

Housewives, 12th pass any stream students, beginners, or freshers are considered to pursue one course and can make an excellent career.

You can also do some research about government schemes for computer education which can help you get govt. Jobs.

Finally, I would say the future scope of IT professionals is everywhere; only you need to select one option and try to master that, and your success is sure!!

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