A to Z Full Form List

a to z full forms

P Full Forms List   

AcronymFull Form
PACProvincial Armed Constabulary
PANPermanent Account Number
PBXPrivate Branch Exchange
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PCCPolice Clearance Certificate
PCIPress Council of India
PCOPublic Call Office
PCODPolycystic Ovarian Disease
PCRPolymerase Chain Reaction
PCSProvincial Civil Service
PDAPersonal Digital Assistant
PDFPortable Document Format
PETPolyethylene Terephthalate
PFAPlease Find Attachment, Predictive Failure Analysis
PFMSPublic Financial Management System
PGPaying Guest
PGDCAPost Graduate Diploma in Computer Application
PGDMPost Graduate Diploma in Management
PHDDoctor of Philosophy
PHPotential of Hydrogen
PHPHypertext Preprocessor (earlier called, Personal Home Page)
PIDPelvic Inflammatory Disease
PILPublic Interest Litigation
PINPersonal Identification Number
PINGPacket InterNet Groper
PKCPublic Key Cryptography
PKDPolycystic Kidney Disease
PMSPremenstrual Syndrome
PNBPunjab National Bank
PNGPortable Network Graphics
PNRPassenger Name Record
POProbationary Officer & Post Office
POCProof of Concept
POSPoint of Sale
PSCPublic Service Commission
PSIPound per Square Inch & Population Services International
PSLVPolar Satellite Launch Vehicle
PSUPublic Sector Undertaking, Power Supply Unit
PTOPlease Turn Over & Paid Time Off
PTSDPost-Traumatic Stress Disorder
PUBGPublic Works Department
PUCPollution Under Control , Pre University Course , Personal Unlock Code
PVCPoly Vinyl Chloride
PVRPriya Village Roadshow
PWDPublic Works Department

Q Full Forms          

AcronymFull Form
QAMQuadrature Amplitude Modulation
QEMUQuick Emulator
QFIQualified Foreign Individuals
QIBQualified Institutional Buyer
QIPQualified Institutional Placement
QRQuantitative Restriction
QR CodeQuick Response Code

R Full Forms List

AcronymFull Form
RABSRear Antilock Brake System
RACReservation Against Cancellation
RADRapid Application Development
RADARRadio Detection and Ranging
RAIDRedundant Array of Independent Disk
RAITRedundant Array of Inexpensive Tapes
RAMRandom Access Memory
RASRemote Access Service
RATRemote Administration Tool
RAWResearch and Analysis Wing
RBCRed Blood Cell
RBCPRashtriya Bahujan Congress Party
RBIReserve Bank of India
RBLRatnakar Bank Limited
RBOCRegional Bell Operating Company
RCARoot Cause Analysis
RCCReinforced Cement Concrete
RCPRashtravadi Communist Party
RDBMSRelation Database Management System
RDFResource Description Framework
RDIRemote Defect Indicator
RDXResearch Department Explosive / Royal Demolition Explosive
RECRural Electrification Corporation
REITReal Estate Investment Trust
RERAReal Estate Regulatory Authority
RFCRequest for Comment
RFIRemote File Inclusion
RFIDRadio Frequency Identification
RFPRequest for Proposal
RFTRadio Frequency Transmitter
RGBRed, Green, Blue
RGPVRajiv Gandhi Proudyogiki Vishwavidyalaya
RHDRheumatic Heart Disease
RIAARecording Industry Association of America
RIBResurgent India Bonds
RIDFRural Infrastructure Development Fund
RINRelative Intensity Noise
RIPRest In Peace, Routing Information Protocol
RISRemote Installation Service
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RJ45Registered Jack 45
RJDRashtriya Janata Dal
RKSRecord Keeping Server
RKSPRashtriya Krantikari Samajwadi Party
RLARecoveries of Loans and Advances
RLCRepayment of Loans to Centre
RLDRashtriya Lok Dal
RLIFRugby League International Federation
RLPRashtriya Lokhit Party
RLSPRashtriya Lok Samata Party
RMAReturned Materials Authorization
RMATRajasthan Management Aptitude Test
RMGPRashtriya Mahan Gantantra Party
RMSRoot Mean Square
RNARibonucleic Acid
RNCRadio Network Controller
RNOCRegional Network Operations Center
RO,UV,UFReverse Osmosis , Ultraviolet , Ultrafiltration
RoAReturn On Assets
ROAPRights Object Acquisition Protocol
ROBReturn on Bandwidth
RoEReturn On Equity
ROFLRolling On Floor Laughing
ROIReturn On Investment
ROICReturn On Invested Capital
ROMRead Only Memory
RONAReturn On Net Assets
ROSReturn On Sales
ROWReturn Order Wire
RPARupee Payment Area
RPDReturn Path Demodulator
RPETRajasthan Pre Engineering Test
RPFRailway Protection Force
RPMRevolutions Per Minute
RPMTRajasthan Pre-Medical Test
RPORecruitment Process Outsourcing
RPRResilient Packet Ring
RRBRailway Recruitment Board
RRPIRural Retail Price Index
RSARivest, Shamir, Adleman
RSPRashtriya Samaj Paksha
RSSReally Simple Syndication, Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh
RSSCRajasthan State Sports Council
RSVPRepondez s’il vous plait
RTGSReal-Time Gross Settlement
RTIRight to Information
RTNRegional Transport Network
RTORegional Transport Office/ Road Transport Office
RTOSReal Time Operating System
RTPReal-time Transport Protocol
RTPSReal Time Polling Service
RTRRacing Throttle Response
RTSReal Time Streaming
RTSPReal Time Streaming Protocol
RUFRevolving Underwriting Facility
RUMReal User Measurement
RWARisk Weighted Assets
RWDRear Wheel Drive

S Full Forms List   

AcronymFull Form
SAARCSouth Asian Association for Regional Cooperation
SAPsystems, applications and products
SASStatistical Analysis Software
SATASerial Advanced Technology Attachment
SATScholastic Aptitude Test, Scholastic Assessment Test
SBIState Bank of India
SCADASupervisory Control and Data Acquisition
SCUBASelf-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus
SDKSoftware Development Kit
SDMSub Divisional Magistrate
SDOSub Divisional Officer
SEBISecurities and Exchange Board of India
SENSEXStock Exchange Sensitive Index
SEOSearch Engine Optimization
SGOTSerum Glutamic Oxaloacetic Transaminase
SGPTSerum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase
SHOStation House Officer
SISub Inspector
SIDBISmall Industries Development Bank of India
SIMSubscriber Identity Module
SIPSystematic Investment Plan
SITSpecial Investigation Team
SKUStock Keeping Unit
SLAService Level Agreement
SLRSingle Lens Reflex, Statutory Liquidity Ratio
SMESmall and Medium-sized Enterprises
SMHShake My Head
SMPSSwitched-Mode Power Supply/ Switching Mode Power Supply
SMSShort Message Service
SMTPSimple Mail Transfer Protocol
SONARSound Navigation and Ranging
SOPStandard Operating Procedure
SOSSave Our Souls
SPSuperintendent of Police
SPGSpecial Protection Group
SPSSStatistical Package for the Social Sciences
SQLStructured Query Language
SSBService Selection Board
SSCSecondary School Certificate, Staff Selection Commission
SSDSolid State Drive
SSLSecure Sockets Layer
SSLCSecondary School Leaving Certificate
STDSubscriber Trunk Dialing, Sexually Transmitted Diseases
STPSewage Treatment Plant
SUVSport Utility Vehicle
SWATSpecial Weapons and Tactics

T Full Forms List   

AcronymFull Form
TA & DATravelling Allowance & Dearness Allowance
TAFETractors and Farm Equipment
TANTax Deduction and Collection Account Number
TATTurn Around Time
TBITraumatic Brain Injury
TBHTo Be Honest
TBTThrowback Thursday
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCSTata Consultancy Services
TDRTicket Deposit Receipt , Term Deposit Receipt , Time Domain Reflectometer
TDSTax Deducted at Source
TFTThin Film Transistor
TGTTrained Graduate Teacher
TINTaxpayer Identification Number
TLCTotal Lung Capacity
TOEFLTest of English as a Foreign Language
TOITimes of India
TPAThird Party Administrator
TRAITelecom Regulatory Authority of India
TRPTelevision Rating Point
TTTetanus Toxoid
TTYLTalk To You Later
TVSThirukkurungudi Vengaram Sundram

U Full Forms List   

AcronymFull Form
UAEUnited Arab Emirates
UCO BankUnited Commercial Bank
UDPUser Datagram Protoco
UGCUniversity Grants Commission
UIDAIUnique Identification Authority of India
UKSAUnited Kingdom Space Agency
UMLUnified Modeling Language
UNDPUnited Nations Development Programme
UNESCOUnited Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization
UNICEFUnited Nations Children’s Fund
UNOUnited Nations Organization
UPAUnited Progressive Alliance, United Production of America
UPIUnified Payment Interface
UPSCUnion Public Service Commission
UPSUninterruptible Power Supply
URLUniform Resource Locator
USBUniversal Serial Bus
USFDA or FDAUnited States Food and Drug Administration
USPUnique Selling Proposition
USSDUnstructured Supplementary Service Data
USSRUnion of Soviet Socialist Republics
UTIUrinary Tract Infection

V Full Forms List   

AcronymFull Form
VATValue Added Tax
VFXVisual Effects
VGAVideo Graphics Array
VHDLVHSIC (Very High Speed Integrated Circuit) Hardware Description Language
VIPVery Important Person
VIRUSVital Information Resources Under Seize
VISAcharta visa, lit in Latin
VLCVideoLAN Client
VolteVoice over Long Term Evolution
VPIVirtual Path Identifier
USAUnited States of America
VTUVisvesvaraya Technological University

W Full Forms List 

AcronymFull Form
WBCWhite Blood Cell
WEFWorld Economic Forum, With Effect From
WIFIWireless Fidelity
WIPOWorld Intellectual Property Organization
WIPROWestern India Products
WPAWi-Fi Protected Access
WWFWorld Wide Fund for Nature, World Wrestling Federation
WWWWorld Wide Web

X Full Forms List   

AcronymFull Form
XMLeXtensible Markup Language
XMPPExtensible Messaging and Presence Protocol
XGAExtended Graphics Array
XHTMLExtensible Hypertext Markup Language
XNSXerox Network Services

Y Full Forms           

AcronymFull Form
YAHOOYet Another Hierarchy of Officious Oracle / Yet Another Hierarchically Organized Oracle

Z Full Forms

AcronymsFull Form
ZEVZero Emission Vehicle
ZIPZigzag Inline Package
ZIPZone Improvement Plan

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